Candy turned the pattern to fight the female insist on using the acting to conquer the audience (vid p8400

Candy became a figure playing female stick with acting to conquer the audience Tencent entertainment news recently, starring Candy "the Ming guard" continue to praise, the broadcast audience was praised for its wonderful play. The film aired, Candy played in the lonely princess is very clever, quick witted, Nei, other variety. Candy said that playing female yiyanbuge began the film tells the story of the Ming Dynasty guard and protect our homes and defend our country, Candy played in the drama of sensitive element does not lose the slightest guard, as you play, give advice and suggestions of small expert. The play, Candy’s other variety of exotic costumes, men’s charming, valiant and heroic in bearing its high plasticity, enough to see. Candy talked about the most fun in the film, is the play, yiyanbuge began laughing! Candy looks weak, but the play is very explosive. Can be seen from the broadcast of the film, Candy because of the previous dance skills, play quite beautiful, well received. For the emotional line in the film, Candy bluntly: just want to be quiet when playing a female! Candy "acting" walking on the screen with Qingli Keren image, Candy successively in many TV dramas featuring the protagonist, strength has been recognized and widely loved by the audience. From "Hong Xiuying" to any living Buddhas in the "high Shanshan home temptations", "Xue Pinggui and Wang Baochuan" in Xue Qi to the "million bride" in Huang Jingjing, Candy has been in the challenge of different roles, each acting to bring new breakthrough. Debut so far, Candy is very low-key, always adhere to mature, multi-faceted acting to conquer the audience. Along the way, Candy used his unique performing style, showing a full and character of different character, and with his distinctive image for each film adds a dash of color, won the audience favorite. Roar sister Candy scene to mimic the roar of senior相关的主题文章: