Cai Zhenhua decided to supervise for the Orangemen cheer sweep haze (video) negative

Cai Zhenhua decided to supervise for the Orangemen cheer [information] negative sweep haze Syria provisional decision Cai Zhenhua supervise for the Orangemen to cheer Cai Zhenhua had swept away negative Syria haze Xi’an duzhan, the Orangemen lost 0-1 reporter group Tashkent reported the State Sports General Administration, deputy director of Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua today (10 days) from Beijing to Tashkent duzhan tomorrow (11) Uzbekistan national football team game, cheer for the players. Originally, according to the original plan, the Orangemen in charge of the leadership of the football association under the leadership of Yu Hongchen to Tashkent to participate in the game, including Cai Zhenhua, Zhang Jian, leader of the Chinese Football Association will not go to the scene to supervise. However, due to the national team in Xi’an previously lost a game should not lose, caused a strong reaction from all walks of life. In this case, Cai Zhenhua decided to Tashkent duzhan, cheer, cheer for the orangemen. Earlier, after the national football team lost to Syria in Xi’an, Cai Zhenhua and Zhang Jian, Lin Xiaohua and others in the first time arrived at the national team’s Hotel, give players cheer, hope the players not because of loss and loss of confidence, but don’t give up, give up the back of the match, after all 12 finals with a total of 10 games now, before the end of the three games in seven games behind the play if good, there are still a lot of opportunities. At the same time, encourage players to lay down their burden, work hard, play the game back. It is reported that the temporary Cai Zhenhua duzhan, still hope the players can summon the morale, seize the opportunity to play with the Uzbek team, especially in spirit, hope to be able to change the previous state.相关的主题文章: