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Brazil director: playing the game does not bear the psychological pressure will not be – Sina heroes Union area in the LOL professional game, a player can bring much difference? One of the most convincing examples should be Peanut to ROX. Indeed, ROX entered the World Championships last year, and made the finals — but they lost SKT, but had trouble against other teams in LCK. Playing wild players Hojin efforts to create pressure in the early stages of the game, but it is often difficult to achieve the effect, which makes the players ROX Tigers gradually formed a waiting for the final battle of the team decided to win the game style. The addition of Peanut changed everything. With the stifling pressure of the early game, the player is not only in the field of anti wild on the road, but also in the other side of the wild field to fight its direct hit. This has had a significant difference with the early game of ROX, and even led to a more aggressive approach to the ranks of South Korea’s lower ranks. The existence of Peanut provides a flexible game style for ROX, which is exactly what ROX lacked in 2015. At the beginning of 2015, the same shift took place in a smaller League in Brazil, but in the same dramatic way – that is, "Revolta" and INTZ. The INTZ team started their sports tour in 2016, when their list looks like is an amateur team — on the single "Yang", "Djokovic" in the wild, the single "Tockers", "ADC micaO" and "Jockster auxiliary". In early 2015, the wild players Djokovic retired, Djoko retired shortly after the former Keyd team star hit wild Revolta took over his position. At that time, in the Keyd team Revolta due to their own health problems and the team and other members of the character of the team to sit on the bench, has retired ideas. But in the end, Revolta decided to join INTZ to prove his worth. At this point, the outside world generally questioned his performance, doubt whether he can not have the original Keyd team members to develop their own circumstances. "I said to myself, I’m not going to be a player, and I’m not going to get anything." Revolta said, "INTZ was not a good team at the time, so when I joined, I thought, ‘oh my God, I need to do something! When I left Keyd, I felt helpless. I had to take the time to become like an ordinary player, thinking about how to get better. It makes me a better player, a better man. The final result is good, but at that moment, I feel very confused. "The addition of Revolta, INTZ’s command of the task falls on the head of Revolta. As the main command at that time, Revolta did not meet the standard. He was in charge of Keyd’s assistant player in his previous team Lo.相关的主题文章: