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"Black rain" hit "Aere" in Fujian as the front landing "Aere" give me the wind and rain affected the province brought no less than the front landing! It is afraid of thieves afraid of thieves misses! Although "Aere" has been in Guangdong to the Hainan area home, feeling from the landing site we Jianting Hu far, but it actually misses with me Hu Jian, a dragon tail had unceremoniously poured over the storm! Wind and rain on the impact of our province as much as positive landing! @ China weather enthusiasts issued 14 o’clock 8 days: "Aere" on the north side of the heavy rain has spread in the coastal areas of Fujian and rapidly spread in the cold air, power, coastal and Taiwan Strait night since the maximum wind gusts of up to 10-12, the impact of less than the front landing…… What is the "heavy rain"? The trough, trough on the north side of the typhoon is upside down, here is the main battlefield of the typhoon on the north side of water vapor and the cold air, often there will be amazing storm. Typhoon heavy rain occurred in the vicinity of the jet axis, the rainfall intensity increases with jet strengthening. Landing in Southern China area is often associated with typhoon trough northwards arrived in East China coast, will produce typhoon heavy rain. Because of the location of this kind of rainstorm and typhoon landing point is very far away, often easy to be ignored! Every thing can do the typhoon can not ignore it! At present, the intense heavy rain has occurred! Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued in the South China Sea coastal rainstorm warning, coastal and Taiwan Strait gale warning and maritime typhoon message, start rainstorm warning IV. Heavy rain in central and southern coastal areas of China, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian and four cities in southwest Fuzhou heavy rain, local heavy rain. 24 hours rainfall of 50~80 mm, locally more than 100 mm. 9, the southern coastal areas of heavy rain to heavy rain. 9 day to night, the northern coast of 7~9 gust 10~11 class, the central coast and the Taiwan Strait 8~9 gust 10~12 class, Taiwan 7~9 grade 10~11 grade fishing shoals. 10 day wind gradually reduced, the northern coast from the afternoon, the central coast, the Taiwan Strait and Taiwan shoal fishing on the night of 10 to reduce the wind to 6~7 gust 8~9 level. Fujian again injured! Minhou local heavy rainfall has reached the black rainstorm standard! Minhou county meteorological station on October 8th 17 hours to change the Red Rainstorm warning signal issued by the storm, is expected to be the evening of 20, about 8 am, Minhou County, some towns will appear more than 100 mm of heavy rainfall. At 14~17 for three hours, the north in Minhou heavy rains, the Minhou Hongwei 2 hour rainfall reached 92.6 mm, continuous heavy rainfall, please pay special attention to prevent geological disasters! The live data show that Minhou local one hour rainfall of more than 70, Hongkong has reached the "black rain" standard; Fuzhou, Putian and southern Ningde heavy rain. The avery moved very slowly, the storm will be maintained until the night, and gradually move to Quanzhou, Xiamen, please get ready! "Aere" was the subtropical high, cold air, Ji Fengcao three: mother tube make it to the northeast of the subtropical high, the cold air makes it)相关的主题文章: