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Big river to play BL? Suzuki Ryohei is ready to gain in Xixiang – Sohu entertainment starring Suzuki Ryohei "Xixiang Temple" Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) before the NHK officially announced the 2018 "Xixiang Temple" taiga drama starring Suzuki Ryohei as, in Tokyo are held in the conference, starring Suzuki Ryohei, screenwriter in the beautiful garden and the original Hayama Riko Paul attended. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama at the meeting with the original novel author Hayama Riko in the beautiful garden has written script for NHK morning show "and Anne" Paul Hanako said, because of the time relationship between the original brothers feelings, both men and women love there will be a large degree of retention, the river may have suggested that the new BL element, and NHK producer said the scale and scope or NHK controlled within the river play. Referring to the election angle, the original Hayama Riko said the election of Suzuki Ryohei starring, feeling and their impression of the very close to the Nigo Takamori. Suzuki Ryohei also said he would like to play the legend of the 100 kg of the Han Dynasty Xixiang weight gain. The beautiful garden in Paul Suzuki Ryohei said screenwriter physique is very good, the audience should also look forward to him a nude scene in the play, there are a lot of action, I believe the audience can enjoy.相关的主题文章: