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Beijing tourism shopping Promotion Month officially launched – Beijing channel — Huajiang culture in the Olympic Park Development Limited company chairman and general manager Chen Shaoshu speech at the event. September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Bao Congying) "the fun of traditional culture, enjoy the joy of shopping", September 30th, officially opened the Committee sponsored by the Beijing tourism Beijing tourism shopping promotion in the Olympic Park Linglong tower. The event takes full advantage of the integration of traditional media and new media resources, the establishment of the relevance of the product and the real time hot spots, from the traditional sales model to the scene of the marketing, driven by experiential entertainment consumption. Beijing Gongmei Refco Group Ltd New Austrian Gongmei cultural development branch secretary, general manager of the Beijing Museum of art; Secretary Yang Yanbo speech at the event. Activities will be carried out for a month online and offline activities. Online activities through the micro-blog collection, WeChat platform photography collection, business platform promotions, OTA platform line promotion, Beijing tourism commodity sale online five online channel, the old Beijing feeling and "Beijing gift" cultural connotation together with Internet plus marketing model, expand the impact of the activities and "Beijing gift" brand degree. Cao Pengcheng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission speech at the event. Line activities mainly through the Beijing tourism shopping Promotion Month ceremony, "Beijing gift" new conference, tourism products, experience on "Beijing gift" design art exhibition, Beijing gift shop flash and other series of activities in Beijing gift nest flagship store, PEAK Park Avenue, Beijing Olin gift shop, the new Austrian Beijing Gongmei gifts cultural experience blocks organizes various activities to attract more audience to participate and feel close and deep experience of "Beijing gift" "Internet plus" marketing model, to stimulate buyers desire to buy, promote product sales promotion, "Beijing gift" brand awareness and reputation. To participate in the leadership of the Beijing tourism promotion month. A number of China traditional culture as the theme of the promotional activities of the activities of the creation of traditional arts and crafts exhibition sale area, folk art learning experience area, specially invited heritage inheritors of traditional handicraft scene performances, let more people understand and feel the charm of the humanities Chinese traditional culture. Together with the traditional cultural activities is the VR panoramic video experience activities. Through the VR glasses to watch the iconic tourist attractions Beijing image, so that visitors from various angles, a full range of feelings in Beijing to understand the fun of traditional culture in Xinle, and thus to increase the love of Beijing gifts. Visitors online store experience about "Beijing gift" related information. In conjunction with the Beijing tourism shopping Promotion Month activities, activities will also continue to conduct online and offline promotional publicity linkage. An active column in the "Beijing gift" official WeChat, micro-blog, the hot topic, real-time reports, micro interviews, combined with the line of large well-known media news reports, on-site promotional activities, synchronize online and offline publicity. (commissioning editor Bao Congying and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: