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"Beijing reading season? Book Enterprise" takes the reader training held in new network – new network in Beijing in October 9, in Beijing (reporter Ying Ni) by the Beijing reading season host leading group of the Beijing reading season? Book Enterprise "collar held reader training the press hall. "Readers plan" is "scholarly Chinese? An important part of Beijing reading season", aimed at national reading activities grassroots organizers offer opportunities and professional guidance, and continuously improve the Beijing national reading promotion professional level. The "Book Enterprise" takes the reader training is the first Beijing reading season for employees to promote reading training plan, intended to train a number of enterprises rooted in the reading of seeds, and guide employees further reading, reinforce the construction of basic scholarly enterprise. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Taofen Foundation Chairman Nie Zhenning with their own life experiences as a writer, reading promotion, enterprise management, made a keynote lecture on reading promotion and enterprise innovation, and discusses the significance of reading for the enterprise of construction of learning organization from reading history, national reading promotion to the enterprise. Sound, personal accomplishment level etc.. He said that enterprises choose what the book is very important, what will guide enterprises to read what to read, read, read with the extension of knowledge, behavior, to read that Ledu can, in short, the enterprise through enterprise characteristics of reading and reading, we as a reader should enjoy, it should be a necessary condition for our business people to read and important conditions. The Commercial Press, director of marketing center He Guangyu made about reading promotion practice book building enterprise guidance lectures on how to effectively promote enterprises in the promotion of reading, cultivating the reading atmosphere, the construction of book enterprise put forward specific planning and guidance. Since the Beijing reading season starts, the city’s enterprises to carry out various forms of reading activities, and actively promote the promotion of reading, to create a strong scholarly atmosphere in enterprise. For example, Jingneng group launched the "scholarly Beijing? Full reading" activities, courses and activities according to the expert staff work reading and tailored to the specific needs of the reading of the staff of enterprises targeted training, training to improve employees’ reading enthusiasm, forming a reading culture in the enterprise; Beijing Automobile Museum the implementation of "advocating universal reading" action, with the help of Fengtai District "literary Fengtai" construction platform, establish the staff house, held "Steam Museum Reading sharing activities, guide the staff to read classic books, exchange book, reading promotion and training activities, improve the staff’s interest in reading and humanistic quality, and promote the employees work ability. (end)相关的主题文章: