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Beijing high xuandian town hall "on homing: X light can not penetrate (Figure) in November 8th, meaning treasures were in good weather high xuandian glaze ridge hall within the package box is the median ridge, Jiajing manufacturing, put the five grain money Wubao, internal and non alloy box. Beijing News reporter Pu peak photo original title: high xuandian position high xuandian town hall "on intact homing Beijing News (reporter Huang Ying) reporter learned yesterday, in the smart door, high xuandian River and across the northwest corner of the Forbidden City, after a year of renovation, the building will be completed by the end of the body all repairs completed, is expected next year. This was the two generation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Royal Taoist temple, part of next year is expected to open to the public. "Town hall" on yesterday to "old family" the Imperial Palace shenwumen left, crossing the mouth to the Forbidden City and northwest corner across the river side of the road, there is a fan of Zhu Hong wood, will be high xuandian and modern noise isolation. Push the door, across the screen, on the South Gate of the main hall is now a large high mysterious temple surrounded, along the wooden scaffolding made temporary stairs several times in turn, finally stood in the front of the main hall roof. Looking to the East is the Jingshan Hill Shouhuang Pavilion, the Imperial Palace staff no watch, carefully holding the main hall on Longmen ridge, tube will be put back on the glazed tile roof ridge in the middle, buckle tile, gray back, so it will complete the closure of the ridge. The Imperial Palace engineering department management department engineer Wu Wei introduction, this is found in the investigation on the previous repair when the inside of the box, Phoebe drying complete, also wrapped in an alloy box, "very good", he said, the box is connected to the X light can penetrate, shake can listen to the inside of the sound. "There must be something". After the completion of the construction of the ancient craftsmen, the main body, will hold such a ceremony, intended to pray for a safe and stable buildings, not fire and other violations. Generally speaking, will store the metal ingots, colored gems, five, five, five, five, satin line five, grain and other items on the roof of the medicine, reflect a psychological advantage of the ancients. But the bags did not open, but wholly intact to restore in situ. Wu Wei introduced the treasures in exquisite painting, is made by experts speculated that the Ming Jiajing period and so on is likely to be the subject after the completion of a large high mysterious temple in the roof. After the completion of the the Imperial Palace Museum Digital Museum of the Imperial Palace in Dean Shan Jixiang said yesterday, the overall renovation of large high mysterious temple is expected to be completed next year in the meantime, will follow the progress of the project, on the ground, the original building courtyard and the important position of key stratum, drilling archaeological survey and excavation, so as to provide the basis for planning the archaeological data, the late repair and protection rehabilitation, explore the formation situation before foundation was built during the period of high mysterious temple and was built, and guarantee the project construction smoothly. After the completion of repair and protection, a large high mysterious temple of ancient buildings in education and training as the core, the integration of the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Palace college training school education resources, the formation of the Imperial Palace brand education training base, moved into the Imperial Palace digital museum, make the public more scientific and comfortable to create a common cultural space and digital technology of cultural shock, and the use of technological means of teaching service training. At the same time, it will also take into account the use of small-scale cultural relics exhibition function, to fulfill the cultural communication function of the museum. It is understood,.相关的主题文章: