Behind the stage winner Chen Feng SS5 cross-country victory Xie Xie own pilot-lara fabian

Behind the stage winner Chen Feng SS5 cross-country victory Xie Xie own pilot Chen Feng game in the sina sports news in September 29th, 2016 China Linglong tyre rally ended the fifth stage (SS5) for representative luroda lubricants team Chen Feng to score 51 points in 42 of the 4 hours of gains in the tournament’s first automobile group stage of the championship, the total score also has become the top ten. Because the first few stages was not too smooth, there is always this or that problem, the halfway point, Chen Feng also plans to force at this stage, after nearly the total achievement gap. "Because the departure by comparison, I start fast, Twelfth on the grid, 60 kilometers, has reached the top six." In order to be able to at this stage the impact stage for best results, Chen Feng in the day before the start of the night had been staring at car maintenance. In a narrow bed, because in front of the UTV does not allow, in order to overtake Chen Feng in the car before the car is affected by dust, the right tire to ride on the rocks, eventually overturned accident. "Wei Hongjie had a drag at first, but there was no delay, and more than and 10 minutes later, after the arrival of Fan Fan, I was dragging my car." After the car is over, Chen Feng crew had to spend nearly more than and 30 minutes to repair the car. Re start after Chen Feng ran relatively more secure, not too bold. "At that time, he had a little disappointed, thought should be no hope for the championship stage." But Chen Feng did not expect, in front of the car after entering the desert, the situation will be so much lost. "When a lot of drivers have lost the point, I took over from the old way of a week there, soon found the right direction, finally successfully crossed the end point." After the game, Chen Feng said he used to do the pilot experience plays a very important role, made a very beautiful victory in this "lost" as the main theme of the stage. If it is not overturned the accident, Chen Feng believes he can quickly behind teammate for almost 1 hours, this is an amazing time gap. To get the tournament in the first stage of the championship, Chen Feng soon after the excitement was quiet, because he knew that as long as the efforts, there is always rewarded. Look at the first few stages of stumbling, who would think of Chen Fenghui at this stage so simply to win? In fact, after getting the stage of the championship, I think this race please old week pilot too right, in him I learned a successful driver experience, with the previous and professional pilot run game there are too many different feelings." In the three stage of the next, the total score has entered the top nine Chen Feng is still there are a lot of opportunities to improve their overall ranking. (Wen Ren Zi Chung Song Yongchuan)相关的主题文章: