Battle of Bayi Yue Sun comeback debut season at Mahatma ready-solid converter

Battle of Bayi Yue Sun comeback debut season at Mahatma: ready to Beijing time on November 4th, the CBA regular season three will be started on the tonight, Beijing team will be in the home court against the Bayi team, the two injured Yue Sun will be back in the game, Yue Sun said: ready. Yue Sun’s ankle was injured before the preseason, in the preseason game, Yue Sun’s ankle swelling repeatedly. Subsequently, Yue Sun went to the hospital for examination, the doctor’s diagnosis is that Yue Sun’s ankle is a ligament tear, and with some bone fragments of free body. The "Sun King" can not play, which seriously affected the Beijing team offensive and defensive intensity, opener against the Xinjiang team, the Beijing team to 92-110 defeat. But the second game against the Qingdao team, the Beijing team was behind a large margin, but fortunately the players distal force, and at the last moment, Zhu Yan West hit 3 pointer, Beijing team to a thrilling 129-126 ushered in the new season first victory. Today, the Beijing team’s regular training, Yue Sun to participate in the whole process, but also carried out a ball confrontation, has not seen any injuries. Yue Sun said: "before the rehabilitation plan is also played in the game tonight, come on stage to try the stability of the ankle, including the effect of the recovery before treatment. The team will make arrangements, min guidance will communicate with me, look at the foot and adapt to the physical condition, then determine the playing time." Yue Sun has identified the regular season will participate in the third round tonight and the Bayi team, before the two teams situation, Yue Sun said: "no matter where teams were needs of domestic players to stand out to the championship, everyone needs to pay a hundred percent effort, even more, to play their role on the pitch. Not just rely on the horse and Maurice. I think we do win not hide some bad places, mainly to the opponent too many opportunities in the defense, of course, with the opponent shooting high also has a relationship, they scored too much, we need to make improvement in the defensive end." The 30 year old Yue Sun last season and played a total of 35 games, averaging 37.5 minutes, averaging 10.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.6 steals and 1.2 blocks of data. For their rehabilitation, Yue Sun said with a smile: heart a bit empty, ankle or not dare to force, after the injury or some fear. However, the situation is okay, everyone has injuries, since the decision to fight, the court will do its best, this is the responsibility of the players." (Luan Taiwan)相关的主题文章: