Baoqiang Wang is a lubricant between the parents and daughter-in-law Ma Rong had quarrel noreply

Baoqiang Wang is a lubricant between the parents and daughter-in-law Ma Rong also quarrel [Abstract] Ma Rong since childhood growing up in the city, do not know the rural people’s appetite. Every time when cooking, she boiled for half a catty meters, my parents do not have enough to eat, the two old people feel shy directly, he crept to the outside with a meal. This article reprinted from the WeChat public, "happiness" in November 2011, Baoqiang Wang was in the movie "Hello!" Mr. tree in the wonderful performances, won the Russian Vladivostok International Film Festival Award for best actor". So far, the grassroots actor has 7 international and domestic awards in the bag, formally entered the ranks of acting movie star. Baoqiang Wang couple data diagram of the successful transformation of Baoqiang Wang. His parents, as authentic farmers, is not to keep up with the pace of his own in 2008, he and Ma Rong set up a family, the parents received from the rural pension in Beijing. Rural parents in law and Ma Rong the out and out city daughter-in-law, can live in harmony in the city? The collision star son daughter-in-law, bitter as a lubricant in October 18, 2008, Baoqiang Wang and his girlfriend Ma Rong low-key wedding in Beijing. Just after the honeymoon, Baoqiang Wang sincerely discuss with his wife: "I am 8 years old to go to Shaolin Temple Xuewu, has since been drifting, more than and 10 years to reunite with their parents in time do not add up to a year. My parents are getting older, I want to take them to around filial." Ma Rong is a "80", grew up in the city of Xi’an, is gentle virtuous, honest and open-minded, it is come out from the rural areas of the plain husband parents moved about. She promised: "I agree. Your parents in this life is not easy, now we are in good condition, is to let the elderly enjoy the life." In November 3rd, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong a rushed home Hebei Xingtai South County conference Tower Village, will never visit the parents to pick up. Parents arrived, Mrs. Baoqiang Wang gave meticulous care. Baoqiang Wang’s home is a 200 square meters of double floor. Originally Baoqiang Wang couple’s bedroom downstairs, worried parents are old, every day up and down the stairs difficult, the couple will spare bedroom let parents live, their upstairs. Subsequently, in order to allow the elderly to quickly integrate into urban life, Ma Rong bought hair dye, the father-in-law’s mother’s hair dyed black. Baoqiang Wang to his father to buy fit suit, and gave her mother with a platinum necklace. Some armed, the old two stood in front of the mirror, according to the left, according to the right, although some uncomfortable, but the heart is very satisfied…… For a long time, see the parents of the city’s life is still fit, the couple slowly some neglect. Because Baoqiang Wang has a good reputation and popularity in the entertainment circle, about constantly. 365 days a year, Baoqiang Wang has 250 days outside shooting. Ma Rong as Beijing television director, also often work overtime, therefore, the couple will inevitably throw at home parents from time to time. In April 13, 2009, Baoqiang Wang from Heilongjiang to shoot the film "winter" back home, see their parents arguing standing on the balcony, Baoqiang Wang puzzled and asked: "Mom, what are you arguing about?" the father of King growth of silver a sigh: "Alas, your mother and I always stay at home doing nothing in the number of cars in the area. I counted a total of 82, your mother said it was 81. site相关的主题文章: