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Baoji 6 villagers to borrow to find a piece of the Tang Dynasty epitaph: to state Washington before the Beijing Qishan County town six villagers when the bridegroom village, will find they dug in the cliff face of a Tang Dynasty epitaph, donated to the Qishan County Museum, to donate on behalf of the villagers, nine giant monument to the state, said: "rest assured!" Two years ago, the giant 9 Coyne disabling injury also played so far, leg plate, walking is not convenient. In November 1st, he commissioned by everyone, with a three wheeled vehicle with hundreds of pounds of stone, riding a dozen kilometers rushed to the County Museum donated the monument. According to him, and he found the monument is Xiaofang Gao and He Enxu six villagers in the village of Jia emperor earth group on the cliff face, also found the empty tomb with a 23 meter long corridor. Lenovo to the two years of the "Baoji daily" on Prince Zhuang Ju’s inscriptions reported that nine families feel the old giant Monument and the bridegroom may Zhuang surname in history, the giant, decided to let the professional research institutions to the nation. Qishan County Museum curator Xu Yongwei on behalf of the museum donations, awarded honorary certificates to the giant nine families six donors, and on the basis of the relevant cultural relics collection law shall be rewarded. After the preliminary appraisal, the monument to the Tang Dynasty into the German military governor Wang Wujun family epitaph inscriptions, the Wang Wujun family of four generations of people experience in officialdom, sun Wang Chengxian Wang taketoshi untimely death and was buried in Qishan at the original cloud. This tablet form a larger, compared with the general Tang Ming, Ming Wen Kai in line with the font, chic and elegant; the biggest feature is the monument surrounded by Juan portrait and twelve zodiac animal pattern. So, in addition to having certain historical value of cultural relics, there is a stone art appreciation value. "We Qishan County Museum has added a two level cultural relics, I feel very happy!" Said Xu Yongwei, a young disabled farmers support the monument, monument to send, the spirit is very commendable! He represented the County Heritage Tourism Bureau for several villagers found relics, handed over to the state to save the noble character, which fully shows that people living in the week Lizhi Township, civilized, general. Our reporter huge Kan

宝鸡6村民取土时发现一块唐代墓志铭:捐给国家本报讯 日前,岐山县京当镇驸马庄村的六位村民,将他们在崖面上取土时发现的一块唐代墓志铭,捐献给了岐山县博物馆,前来捐碑的村民代表巨九科说:“捐给国家,放心!”两年前,巨九科因工伤致残,至今腿部还打有钢板,走路不太便利。 11月 1日,受大家委托,他用一辆三轮助力车驮着几百斤重的石碑,骑行十几公里赶到县博物馆捐碑。据他介绍,碑是他和郜效芳、贺恩绪等六位村民在驸马庄村贺家组的崖面上取土时发现的,同时还发现了一处带有 23米长甬道的空墓葬。联想到这两年《宝鸡日报》对驸马庄巨氏碑刻的报道,巨九科觉得这块老碑可能和驸马庄的历史、巨姓人的聚居有关,就决定捐给国家让专业机构作研究。岐山县博物馆馆长徐永卫代表博物馆接受捐赠,向巨九科等六位捐赠者颁发了荣誉证书,并依据相关文物征集法规定予以奖励。经初步鉴定,此碑为唐代成德军节度使王武俊家族墓志铭,铭文记载了王武俊家族祖孙四代人的仕宦经历、王武俊孙王承宪早殇并葬于岐山望云原的情况。此碑形制较大,与一般唐铭相比,铭文楷中带行,字体潇洒飘逸;最大特点是碑身四面镌有人像及十二生肖动物图案。所以,除了具有一定的文物历史研究价值外,还有相当的碑刻艺术欣赏价值。“我们岐山县博物馆又增添了一件二级文物,我感到非常高兴!”徐永卫说,一个身有残疾的农民护碑、送碑,精神非常可嘉!他代表县文物旅游局感谢几位村民发现文物、上交国家保存的高尚品行,这充分说明生活在周礼之乡的人们,讲文明、识大体。 本报记者 巨侃相关的主题文章: