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B: intelligence game nearly six Le Havre lost only 1 Games Friday good state 011           B   Laval VS; Le Havre       2016-11-05 03:00         Venue: raoua Le, Francis Le Bassil stadium weather rain: 9 degrees Laval situation: Laval on the round away against Ajaccio, the results of an opening, on the ancient Fu gave each other a own goal. But this Oolong has relaxed the other side of the alert. Lavalle players in the first half and the second half equaliser is scored two goals, the final 3 to 1 victory over the opponent. The result of the match against all the odds, Laval away upset. This is the first time the team scored a goal away, but also the team’s first victory away from home, the second victory of the season. The Laval 11 points, out of the relegation zone, but third from leading Orlean only 1 points, and can’t breathe. Le Havre current situation: the four round of winning streak in the last round of Le Havre hit the home game winning streak Lance, although all the winning streak, but Lance’s home winning streak more robust. The opening is only four minutes, check the WARIA for the home team scored the only goal with this goal shattered Le Havre five straight dream. Le Havre is currently 22 points, the same with Amiens and Troyes points, ranked fourth, and third in Amiens only 2 goal difference. If the field can win away, Le Havre is likely to return from the top three. Analysis of the game: in the last six games, Laval scored a total of 1 wins and 3 draws and 2 losses, including home level of 2 flat and negative, scoring 2 goals at home, lost $3. Le Havre scored 4 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses, of which there were a total of 2 wins and 1 losses, with a score of $2 and a loss of $4. Last season the two teams in two matches, Laval two defeats this season, before the start of the match, the two teams played to 1 to 1 level. This field can take Le Havre’s hospitality, Shengping Fu recommended negative goals 3,2 + level combination. Lineup prediction: Laval (4-3-3): Holt Boyce, Quentin, Gu Mu Fu, zieler, Perot, M, Deng, Del, Ella Bailey Coulthard, Malonga, Ze UL S Kone Le Havre (4-2-3-1): Mandil, Kang Peng Farr, Noelle, Forte, buck, Fontaine, Toru Ganbot, Bonnet, class Maier, Doha, ferat (farim)相关的主题文章: