As a victim, Fu Leizhi’s death magnified his whole life

As a victim, Fu Leizhi’s death magnified his whole life. "Only the body is still, and the spirit is the best." The morning of September 3, 1966, when the Shanghai police station of Changning District City Hukou police left from Jiangsu road 284 Lane 5 bedroom landing Gangchuang admiral Fu Lei and his wife from the rope hanging off when two bodies are still forever. In four days earlier, this has translated Balzac and Romain Roland · the translator has just received the red guards raid and four days denounced kneeling, the garden was smashed, the floor is prized, stick around the posters. Despite the disaster expected: in August 23rd, Fu Lei said to my wife: "School of music may be hit to hit, let them hit big deal, up to two lives, but when the storm really hit, or will the political fist a little dignity only shattered. Then, he began his own death for all: in August 27th, and bid farewell to friends, that he would go, Zhu Meifu also once said to Fu Lei: "with his wife, in order not to make you feel lonely, when you go, I will go." ; September 2nd, written a suicide note and put all the things out of a clear explanation of suicide note read the manuscript writer Ye Yonglie said: "suicide is so long, has not changed a word, write down"; on the morning of 3, the first Pudong cloth sheets into strips, then the rope tied to the window frame, and on the floor to prevent the quilt hanging when kick stool alerted neighbors. Death comes at the right pace. Fu Lei, as he wishes to retain his last decent and eternal relief, may also see his ideal world. He said: "he was lonely, will create a world." (by Xu Pengyuan, Du Xinmao, Jin Yucheng, Cao Zhijie, He Keren, Zhao Yi bell, the interview also provides help) Mrs. Fu Lei to die idea long-standing in the early 1957, Fu Lei had the idea of Dutch act. "In March 2nd the Shanghai municipal Party committee to answer the phone, I attended the national publicity work of the CPC Central Committee, the four day leave, on the evening of five arrived in beijing. The six day morning in Huairen hall to listen to Chairman Mao report recording, afternoon group will open two days the local team will open, professional team, I participated in the literary group. Discuss every day. Eleven all day long meeting, the afternoon of the twelve day conference, from the chairman of the five person is a little fluff, about six fifty. Thirteen afternoon Comrade Lu Dingyi made a summary of the meeting ended. The meeting is a party meeting, the party join is epoch-making first time." In his letter to Fu Lei, Fu Cong told the son of the country’s domestic politics and his own in the year, and it was evident from the words that, at first, Mr Fu Lei did not reject it, and it was a little more exciting. Since the "double hundred" policy since 1956, he has published 12 articles, involving many fields of literature and art, publishing etc.. Even in May, the rectification movement began, Fu Lei is still in good faith to participate in meeting: "father home, do convey the report for me (Note: this letter is addressed to Zhu Meifu Fu Cong), really excited. Since the beginning of the movement of Shanghai city propaganda meeting,"相关的主题文章: