and iPhone5c was 20000 rupees jianghuyinniang

IPhone5se coming on stage? IPhone4s 5C stop sale – Sohu digital according to the latest news of the economic times said, Apple has stopped selling iPhone4s and iPhone5c in India region, the main purpose is to improve the sales and profits of high-end iPhone. Before that, iPhone4s sold for 12000 rupees (to $175), and iPhone5c was 20000 rupees (to $292). IPhone5se coming on stage?! Stop selling iPhone4s 5C, or in March 18th, Apple will issue a new 4 inch iPhone and called iPhone5se. Some analysts believe that the Apple iPhone4s 5C in India under the plane may be because the two models and iPhone5se are too similar, will affect the sales of iPhone5se, as to why the other regions do not follow the practice of India, or just because intelligent mobile phone market in the India area sales difficult.

iPhone5se即将登场?iPhone4s 5c停售-搜狐数码  据《经济时报》最新消息表示,Apple已经在印度地区停止销售iPhone4s和iPhone5c,目的主要为了提高高端iPhone的销量和利润。在此之前iPhone4s的售价为12000卢比(~175美元),而iPhone5c则为20000卢比(~292美元)。 iPhone5se即将登场?!停售iPhone4s 5c   或于3月18日,Apple将会发布新4英寸iPhone并名为为iPhone5se。有分析师认为,Apple将iPhone4s 5c于印度下架可能因为该两款机型与iPhone5se太过相似,会影响iPhone5se销量,至于为什么其他地区不效法印度的做法,或只是因为智能手机市场在印度地区销售比较困难。相关的主题文章: