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Analysis of Wowkie Zhang " human fine up hi "   new or plagiarism? – media – People’s original title: "the world of fine up hi" copyright issues"…… Friction, friction, like the devil’s pace, the old driver took me, free to fly……" The song "the world up" recently hi quality ignition, it is the singer Wowkie Zhang in EDM (Electronic Dance Music abbreviation, it is the mainstream category of electronic dance music, electronic music) music program "the greatest hero in the world" when, unlike other songs, he will be the first 21 songs each for having heard it many times. First select a song, and then re arranged to create a new song, and won the final cover songs. Many people think this is a very interesting song, very happy, but there is also the idea that using someone else’s lyrics really no copyright issues? In September 24th, "China news publishing and broadcasting news" reporter interviewed several legal experts, ask them to analyze similar "human" this string up hi fine songs which will involve copyright issues, I hope you can give arranger and show organizers remind, let them on the basis of clarifying the relevant rights. More good works to the audience loved. In "Wowkie Zhang" the greatest hero in the world show and the legendary Phoenix singing "the world fine up hi". Picture Medley is new works or plagiarism? In some variety shows, often put a few songs combined into a song, so for this kind of string music form, in the "copyright law" on how to identify? Like the creation of Wowkie Zhang’s "human" this will fine up hi more than and 20 songs, each first choose one of the lyrics and music, and then re arrangement can be regarded as the new works? In this regard, Cong Lixian of Beijing Foreign Studies University law school professor Wowkie Zhang believes that this song is a kind of music Popular Music Medley re creation behavior, should be identified is a creation of the new songs, but he cited a number of other music pieces, this behavior should be regarded as a reference for rational use of behavior. In view of the special nature of the music, as long as Wowkie Zhang shows the citation behavior, the new song’s copyright is not defective, it should belong to Wowkie Zhang. Therefore, it is a new work on the basis of reasonable reference and reference. In this regard, Huazhong University of Science and Technology law school professor and doctoral tutor Xiong Qiye believes that this writing style is not the first time, as early as 10 years ago, Eason Chan sang similar adaptations, will represent many songs by arranging fragments together, each one of the first choice of words and the corresponding period song, the formation of a new song. Of course, the music should be regarded as an original new work, because it is not a simple collection of all the original music together. In addition, in the "" the greatest hero in the world scene, Wowkie Zhang himself used all the song titles on the show one by one again, I do not know this practice can be similar to indicate the source of the work for)相关的主题文章: