Affected by the global recall of the United States to suspend sales of the four major carriers note jiuyaogan

Affected by the global recall of four American operators to suspend sales of Note 7 Samsung Note 7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, Samsung announced in the global recall of Galaxy Note on Friday morning after 7, the four operators have taken measures to make quick response. AT& T, T-Mobile and Sprint were announced has temporarily stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7, the three companies are currently working with Samsung to recall at the same time, proper arrangements for the users of GalaxyNote 7 have been made to buy. Verizon said that if the user wants to return Galaxy Note 7, the company will bear all expenses. In the end, all affected users will be able to replace the existing Note 7 without any battery risk of the new machine, but Samsung first need time to produce them. As a result, Sprint provides a workaround, saying it will provide similar devices to Note 7 users, so that they will not face the face of the phone during the Note 7 recall dilemma. However, Sprint did not explicitly mentioned in the statement that the company feels that the phone is similar to Note 7. T-Mobile said it would announce more details as soon as possible". AT& T said, is to determine the user to replace the phone process, promised to provide more information later in the day. The following is a complete statement of the United States four major carriers about Note recall events: AT&, T said in a statement: Samsung told us that they have found some battery problems in some Galaxy Note. They have asked all retailers, including AT&, T to stop selling Galaxy Note 7. We are trying to determine the user to replace the phone’s process, so that they can be replaced as soon as possible to buy the GalaxyNote 7. We will announce more information later today." Sprint said in a statement: Samsung announced a temporary stop in the global sales of Note 7, we immediately stop selling this phone. We are working closely with Samsung to ensure that those who have purchased Note7 can be properly arranged. For users who purchased Note 7 before, we will provide similar devices until this problem is solved. Users can go to nearby Sprint store replacement Note 7. We will announce more details at any time." T-Mobile said in a statement: earlier today, Samsung announced that it would stop selling Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. T-Mobile has suspended sales of this phone in all channels. We will work closely with Samsung to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of T-Mobile users who have purchased the phone. We will announce more details to the user as soon as possible." Verizon wrote in a statement: "this morning, as to Galaxy Not"相关的主题文章: