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A new starting point, new power, new opportunities – the seventh Zhejiang fair and the first cross-border Electricity Service Fair will open the G20 summit in Hangzhou is the global economic governance of the event, but also provides a stage to display their own debut summit "made in Zhejiang". These "made in Zhejiang" not only inherited jingdiaoxilou artisan spirit, but also demonstrates the Zhejiang "intelligent manufacturing" level, make Zhejiang province standing in the open world, to better integrate into the depth of economic globalization a new starting point. November 2, 2016 to 3, the seventh session of the Zhejiang business services trade fair and the first cross-border electricity supplier Service Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Fair) will be held at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the main venue of the Hangzhou International Expo Center, the exhibition will be a new starting point, new power" as the theme for Zhejiang enterprises, set up the international development of global cooperation a bridge for communication, inject new impetus for economic development! Large space museum, Xinchang, allow enterprises to find the most suitable for the stage of the Zhejiang business services trade fair and the first cross-border electricity supplier service fair, is the first in Zhejiang Province, business services as the main display the contents of the exhibition, Zhejiang is showing new growth in foreign trade platform, show new advantages of Zhejiang’s open economy platform, Zhejiang show business development the transformation and upgrading of the platform. Through the successful holding of six consecutive years, Zhejiang intersection has gradually become a small and micro enterprises to provide professional brand exhibition business services. 2015 sixth session of the Zhejiang Fair for a period of 2 days, with an area of 6300 square meters, booth, exhibitors, a total of 158, a professional audience of up to 7700 people, all kinds (intention) turnover of up to $700 million. For enterprises, Zhejiang intersection has become a practical solution to solve the practical difficulties in the daily operation of enterprises, accelerate its transformation and upgrading, enhance the competitiveness of the industry’s best choice! This year’s Fair will be the first to Zhejiang Xinchang G20 hall, exhibition area of 10300 square meters, up to 4000 square meters than the last. The new venue, a larger space for the enterprise to provide a more high-quality display stage! Companies focus on hot spots, where you can find! The "Zhejiang Fair will focus on the development of open economy in Zhejiang Province, a new form of foreign trade, cross-border electricity providers, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, cross-border marketing, technical barriers to trade, the national public record space service innovation hot topics, rich in content and theme forum organized activities, and invited experts, entrepreneurs, government and many other heavyweight guests arrived at the scene, to discuss the development of open economy development, help enterprises to seek a breakthrough in the new situation, seize new opportunities. It is worth mentioning that the participation from all walks of life big Coffee Forum in addition to professional sharing, and more enterprises to carry out in-depth interaction, for the development of enterprises are facing the difficult point of pain, against drugging, answering questions. The Zhejiang fair expert lineup, brought together from government, academia and industry experts parties, including the president of Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center Wang Xinkui, the academic committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee deputy director Lu Lijun, Morgan STANLEY investment management consulting (Shanghai) Limited company vice president Xu Lei, President of HOLLEY group Xiao Qi, the "secret" of cross-border electricity supplier author Li Pengbo Wish, President of Fang Fang Chinese,.相关的主题文章: