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Exercise Height increase is a biological phenomenon. It is basically regulated by the secretion of a height-increasing juice from the anterior pituitary gland, located within the brain. Somatotropic hormone, the name of the secretion from the gland gets flowed into the bloodstream throughout the body. It is .monly known as growth hormone. The height of an individual depends on the secretive activity of the gland. There are some tips, to say height tips to trigger the gland to produce growth hormone in large quantity. Inadequate sleep can reduce the secretion of growth hormone from the gland. Having a full nights sleep is one of the height tips to be followed by growing individuals. Eight hours of sleep a day is a must. On the other hand, it is a wrong belief that excess sleep does wonder to increase height. It rather encumbers the efficient flow of the somatotropic hormone throughout the body. Change in the height of an individual is not beyond the influence of eating habits. Eat smarter to grow taller. Replace three times heavy meals with five or six times light meals in your daily eating routine. Getting into the right eating habit is one of the promising height tips to grow taller by a few inches. Heavy meals inhibit the proper distribution of growth hormone in the body. Have a small chicken salad sandwich prior to a session of workout on a regular basis. Make sure to have it a couple of hours before you do exercise. It works significantly to promote the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. It is among the height tips, re.mended by food researchers. Intake of a protein-carbohydrate meal before and after the session of exercise is helpful for individual with short height. The gland releases growth hormone in greater amount during the first 2 hours of sleep at night. It is good to avoid taking a large meal prior to going to bed. The regular intake of a heavy meal a couple of hours just before going to bed suppresses the secretion of growth hormone to some extent. Include this re.mendation among the height tips and make sure to follow it. Besides these height-increasing tips, there are height medicines to help your body gain height. These medicines are not mere pills. They are rather supplements providing additionally the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber witch the body needs to gain increase in height. It is necessary to consult a physician and follow his or her prescription of height medicines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: