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UnCategorized One of the easiest and quickest bodybuilding exercises is the leg squat. You need no equipment initially (though you can build up to using weights across your shoulders or in your hands). And still, it can be one of the most effective exercises you can use to maintain muscle tone and build definition in pretty well all of your leg muscles. In it’s simplest form, you’d be amazed at just when you can fit leg squat exercises in. It’s one bodybuilding exercise that’s possible whilst doing something else, like being on a phone call, or watching the stove while you are cooking a meal (be especially careful if you are close to hot stuff!). In fact many bodybuilding exercises can be done while you multitask. So, the leg squat then, how is the best way to do it? It’s pretty important to get yourself comfortable, like any bodybuilding exercise, because if you are feeling off a bit, you won’t want to see them through, or even might damage yourself as you move in a poor way. Getting your self comfortable to do leg squats is easy, here’s how:- 1) Stand with your legs comfortably apart (usually shoulder-width apart is the most natural and easiest), and shake yourself a little to make sure that you are loose enough. 2) Take a dozen or so deep breaths, focusing your breathing in your belly, rather than in your chest. 3) Relax and focus gently on your body and how capable you feel about the bodybuilding exercise you are about to undertake. 4) Starting the leg squat, slowly lower yourself down, bending gently at the knees to a point where you feel comfortable. Remember to breathe out in the phase when you are going down. 5) Hold for a few seconds at the lowest point (this is a really vital point in the whole leg squat exercise), and then, slowly again, raise yourself up to standing. This time it’s important to breathe in as you raise yourself up. How easy is that? Yet, when you do a few leg squat reps, especially if you are quite new to this, you will really find the muscles tightening and the benefits will be obvious! How many reps? Well, that is up to you. Start small, so that you will not damage yourself and be put off, increasing as you gain strength. Each day you do your leg squats, you can gradually increase the number – it’s a more demanding bodybuilding exercise than you might think. Indeed, when you are starting out, leg squats are one of the very best exercises you can do for your legs. Later on, just add some small weights in your hands and even, when you are really working out, an advanced bodybuilding exercise is to have bigger weights across your shoulders too! This exercise will work the leg muscles pretty well. If you want to add some variety, you can broaden the pressure on some muscle groups and enhance them more. For example, if you stand with your toes pointed slightly out, it will work the muscles of the inner thigh more. Conversely, if the toes point inwards a bit (whilst staying comfortable), the outer thigh muscles get the workout! Cool eh? Using leg squats as a core bodybuilding exercise on a regular basis will make a pretty good job of your legs. Just take your time as you build up the reps as well as any weights you might want to add. And, did I say that leg squats are one of those bodybuilding exercises that you can do almost anywhere, even at your office or in the home! About the Author: (c) 2007 Best BodyBuilding Guides . Ideas, hints and tips from around the world to make the most of your bodybuilding. Full of advice, products and services to make the best of your sport. Checkout Martin Haworth’s website for all you need at .www.BestBodyBuildingGuides.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized – – – – – – – Some Denver roofing .panies are utilizing a new technique to repair flat roofs. Let’s suppose the vertical distance from underside of roof is 9". But, most of the harm is done prior to the age of twenty. Feel free to surf to my weblog : … – – – 相关的主题文章: