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Beijing media: the country can win a game? No surprise just don’t [information] scary country foot home court 0-1 Syria Gu super attack errors gifts Kunitari can win a game? From the home court of Syria lost Orangemen but three or four days, tomorrow the team will challenge stronger in Tashkent Uzbekistan. Before the game seems to have good news, the other will Moumou suspended, as well as certain core injuries. Even so, my heart is still uneasy, don’t expect the team to create what surprises, but don’t bring thriller, but always backfire. A total of 12 games in a total of 10 games, the last game is regarded as the most sure to take the national foot of the game with a total of 3 points, the result is that the fall in the pocket of the other 3. Before Iran and South Korea, just give a negative even less demanding China fans accumulated a little bit of faith, after this battle instantly vanish like soap bubbles. Anger and disappointment just because of failure, because failure in a complete mess behind. If some unexpected defeat in a foot, after the game fans brain hole wide open banter and ridicule is entirely to be expected. Speaking of this, really should thank the country foot N years as one day to add joy to people’s leisure and cultural life. You are in my circle of friends, in micro-blog, a variety of piece big guy laughed emerge in an endless stream, after the discovery of laugh with tears. This is where the country at foot, which is clearly in the laugh at myself for nothing, I would never see again, it can still be "cheap swish" silently concern, a little improvement with the Yaohao, thanks to all the gods bless, and then found the remains of God so that you have cried the team. Yesterday I saw an article, with detailed technical statistics and abundant data demonstrate the Orangemen lose the game is not a shame, not only draw lessons from the failure. Here is not a reference, just want to mention an immature little advice on a losing perhaps is not a shame, but how you always lose? At the same time, but also want to list some figures, these figures have nothing to do with technical statistics, but can reflect the aspirations of many fans. June 6, 2013, the national government official micro issued a micro-blog, the content is only three words – I’m sorry". This micro-blog is the official micro 3007 micro-blog which comments and forwarded the most times, when so far this time, forward the number of 255026, the number of comments, the number of points like the number of 24307. By the number of points like a comment is: "a word, a lifetime……" 10447 people praise it. When this article appears in today’s newspaper, the above figures must have increased a lot. Many people say that too many fans inside the sprayer, plus Choufu psychological mischief, rational high perspicacity is too small, it will have a negative impact on china. It seems that the next time the NPC and CPPCC deputies will be required to submit a bill to protect the country’s players as carefully as possible to protect minors through legislation. As for the players so fragile? Not necessarily. In front of person praise, "Fan Ye" Fan Bingbing made a perfect demonstration, "I can withstand much slander, how much you can afford to praise". All of a sudden, I remember the words I saw yesterday, a Syrian said, and not Duan Xuan相关的主题文章: