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This small peas with cap German pharmaceutical 3-2 Wolfsburg 1-2 negative 5 straight – Sohu sports as Beijing early morning of September 26th, the 201617 season of the German Football League fifth round have cruised. Borussia 2-0 easily beat Inge Skei Tate home court; Frankfurt and Berlin Herta staged a scoring battle, eventually the two sides 3-3 shake hands; Hernandez Moyes hat trick, Leverkusen 3-2 away victory over Mainz; red Guevara, Finland Bojiasen break, Augsburg home court 1-0 victory over 10 people in Darmstadt; SV Werder Bremen 5 minutes into the two ball, 2-1 Wolfsburg, the first win of the season; Schalke 04 away was the Hoffenheim even after two goals, 1-2 suffered 5 straight season; the 1-1 draw with Leipzig Red Bull Cologne home court. The following is the game with the former news column hit home court. Borussia 2-0 Inge Hallstatt fifteenth minutes, Levir J shot, the ball column on the left side. Twenty-fourth minutes, J Tindall was passing a small area after David nodded, but the shot was goalkeeper to resolve. Forty-second minutes, Borussia took the lead J Tindall breaking ball to the edge of the area shot blasting shot, the ball flew into the bottom left corner of the goal, 1-0! Forty-sixth minutes’ corner, Morales restricted header, the ball slightly wide of the right post. Fiftieth points total, gross out of the corner after receiving a restricted header, the ball over the crossbar again. Sixty-fourth minutes, Fabian – Johnson to David after passing shot, the ball confiscated by Nylander. Seventieth minutes, Kolbus J Tindall pass after the restricted area on the right side of the shot, the ball hit the left column! Seventy-sixth minutes, another victory over Borussia, David pass, the German special closed front shovel, the ball flew into the lower left corner of the goal, 2-0! Monchengladbach (3-5-2): 1- Sommer 24-, 3- Christensen, 30- extension of chick 27-, Kolb 8- El veghte, David 6- Cramer, 17- Wende special (89 minutes 14- Schultz), 13- Tindall (84 minutes 4- Diego Gardner) 19- Fabian Johnson, 28- Hahn (56 minutes 10- Gan – O Thor Zal) Ingo Skei Tate (4-3-3): 1- 28- 34- Levir J, Neerlandia matip, 32- 29- Suttner 10-, Desiree Rand, Cohen gross 36- (62 minutes 8- Roger – Bernardo Morales (6-), 77 minutes 14- Rex) 9- Hartmann (58 minutes 16-, Lesano 11-, Essien Mortsel) 7- Frankfurt 3-3 Berlin third Herta lequi minutes, Sefi Boris header ferry, Bloom restricted the right foot shot, the ball was saved by GA Stein. Seventeenth minutes, Sefi Boris in the restricted area of defense Storck foul, the referee of the Berlin Herta penalty, ibisevic overnight, the ball flew into the bottom right corner of the net, 0-1! Twenty-ninth minutes, Frankfurt corner, Saifeiluo Ibrahimovic area)相关的主题文章: