Robertson upset a tour _ catch station _ sina sports _魔界骑士イングリッド

Robertson upset a tour _ catch station _ sina sports _ on 21 September, Shanghai newspaper reporter Ping Ping reported: Snoke Shanghai masters is a popular place, so this year, the first round of the competition also broke many accidents. After 20 days the defending champion Karen Michael holck Werwilson was eliminated after today, Ryan wear it upset 5 2 former world champion, Melbourne machine Neal Robertson back home, this is Robertson for third consecutive years in the Shanghai masters suffered a tour. The game Robertson fire lost, and also a rival Ryan feel bad, two people on the field of lackluster performance, without a single rod more than 50 of the seven game. Ryan day start first 67 to 33 won the first game, then Robertson 65 to 60 score, then Ryan day to seize the opportunity to 88 than 37, 67 than 36 and 57 than 9 with three cities to get the match point, Robertson continuous hot pursuit 64 than 22 save a match point. The last Robertson seems powerless, early with 36 than 64 defeated, stop in the first round. For his performance, Robertson said he could not adapt to the game table, "this game is obviously not a good game, I played and the opponent is not very good, there are a lot of mistakes. I am not accustomed to the table, can not play their own characteristics, they haven’t found the way to deal with, I should adapt to different competition environment." In Robertson’s view, the Shanghai masters championship is not met, but if you want to have a good performance in this game, there must be a different game. Although this is still no chance to pick up the trophy, but his condition is still very confident. The other 3 games the first round ended the race, former world champion Stewart bin Bingham and Jones in the game, to fully grasp the initiative, to two consecutive century Bureau locked in 5 than 0, easily cut sixteen. Barry Hawkins also more than 5 to 0 swept Robert mierjinsi; Carter had 5 to 1 win over Kurt Ma Fulin.相关的主题文章: