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This season, 5 more than expected inventory of Star billion yuan Mr. experts face – Sohu sports in the regular season to two weeks, there have been many superstars, role players and even rookie players for the team contribution beyond the expected performance. Of course, like Westbrook, eyebrows and harden, Leonard and other superstars, regardless of how they play the data that fans are flashy without substance, there will be some psychological preparation. Even the players like Whiteside, Dwiggins, brother of the alphabet or the player, most of the fans know that they will take on the offensive and defensive ends of their respective teams in the new season. But let’s take a look at those who are not well-known, but so far this season has hit more than expected performance of the star: 5) – Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson although piston injury limits the piston cap, but so far this season, because of the evil piston found Harris blessed a potential star. In the regular four games before the game, Harris field for the pistons to contribute to the performance of 20.8 points. Harris had only 7 games to score more than 20 points in the last 27 games of the season. The regular season since the start of the game, Harris has scored more than 20 points mark for the three time, and played a total of 67 shots in the overall hit rate of 58.2% and 17 shots in 9 of the 52.9% hit rate of three. But the question is whether such a three point hit rate can continue to maintain it? Perhaps not. Once the Reggie Jackson comeback, Harris shot the right to reduce the score will inevitably decline. Because pass first ISH Smith, Reggie is the first offensive guard, while the former was more suitable in a fast-paced tactical system partner Harris. In fact, the outside world has not placed under the rear admiral Reggie bench, and let Harris or Marcus partner Maurice ISH Smith. 4) Avery – Bradley, the Celtics in the green army crowded in the backcourt, the most eye-catching is the all star point guard Thomas Smart and partner. But so far this season, green in the backcourt best player was Bradley. Although little Thomas averaged 25.4 points in the game to become the team’s scoring, but Bradley can also be followed by a field average of 20.6 points. In addition, as the most stable Green’s perimeter defender, Bradley averaged is 8.2 rebounds and 4 assists. Fans know that Bradley is a more versatile defender, but his overall shooting percentage of 50.6% and 48.4% of the shooting rate is more efficient than the three. Coupled with the stability of Huo and Jie – Claude, the Celtics can also maintain the 3-2 record. In seven years of occupation career, Bradley has been one of the most underrated players after the game. And this season, Bradley seems to have the opportunity to prove their strength at both ends of the offensive and defensive. 3) T.J. Warren, sun German – Booker have relatively clear sun as the cornerstone of the construction team role, Bledsoe can still have relatively stable play, but in the past 5 games.相关的主题文章: