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Cable award finalists announced "PPAP" won the award for the topic – "PPAP" won the cable entertainment Sohu awards reward entertainment news topic Sohu (compiled Domino) forty-ninth days before Japan Cable Awards announced the final award finalists, and discloses the rest of the award winners, the craze in the world through online animation website the "PPAP" singer Piko Hashimoto won this year’s topic tours, and the grand prize winner will be broadcast in December 5th TBS awards ceremony on the final. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the list of Sohu of Japan’s forty-ninth video channel Drama Awards finalists, the award winning cable as follows: Cable Music Award (award candidate), AKB48, JUJU, a West Maria, Kana Nishino, Kawa Kiyoshi, ice water, three new macro Sen fragrant fabric Edoardo, Hayashibe Zhishi prize and Fuwafuwa cable RADIO FISH PERFECT HUMAN "topic Award" Piko taro "PPAP" special award for Urashima Taro (Kiritani Kenta) "THE YELLOW MONKEY" sound of the sea相关的主题文章: