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Aunt in Yunnan Fuxian Lake bathing hot lead official: Beijing is true in September 18 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) recently net exposure of a mother to bathe in a class of national drinking water sources in Fuxian Lake, Lake Management Bureau of Chengjiang County of Yuxi City, Yunnan province Fuxian responded: after the investigation of this problem is true, bureau has organized personnel to strengthen inspections and checks, and for the area supervisor were punished. Fuxian Lake is deep China water is the largest freshwater lake, is one of the few class I water freshwater lake, with 9.16% of the country’s freshwater lake water storage, the lake water and the 91.4% class I. In recent years, along with the Fuxian Lake attractions go hot, more and more people are attracted to the summer swimming in Lake Fuxian, uncivilized behavior frequently exposed. In September 12th, the netizen exposure: a group of people with shampoo bath in Fuxian lake. From the photo, a woman wearing underwear is a shampoo in the lake, there is also next to the shampoo, the people around them turn a blind eye, and no one to discourage and stop. The matter was exposed that sparked heated debate, netizens condemned aunt this behavior, and calls for the participation of the whole society, protect the clarity of Lake Fuxian Lake, don’t let it become the second Dianchi. The 16 reporters from Fuxian authority was informed that the investigation by the net exposure problem is true, the place for pond water Fuxian Lake area; users reflect the problem, the Bureau of personnel in a timely manner to strengthen the regional inspections and checks, and for the area supervisor were punished; next, Fuxian authority will also be on the hot pool area fence closed management, at the same time increase the inspection, publicity and enforcement. Fuxian authority said that in recent years, in order to protect Fuxian Lake I water quality, pay close attention to the local engineering management at the same time, there is still the tourist season to employ more than 200 supervisors remind and discourage uncivilized behavior. Through hard work, uncivilized behavior has been greatly reduced. But to keep the water of Fuxian Lake requires not only the law enforcement efforts, also need the participation and supervision of the whole society. (end)相关的主题文章: