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The drama "teahouse" Canada detonated the continuation of the classic start innovation – Sohu entertainment drama "teahouse" actor Yan Yuanwugang high fuyuhira Sohu entertainment news by modern writers praised Cao Yu for "treasure" China drama history of the classic drama "teahouse", on November 2nd and 3, 10 and 11, respectively, and the performance in Toronto Vancouver, the All-Star lineup landing Toronto Canada Mississauga performing arts theater. In the first two performances, "teahouse" artists wonderful performances, whether it is the context of the connection or the sense of belonging to the heart, are the local Chinese affectionately said, "teahouse" home (plus)". "The continuation of an unprecedented box office authentic thrilling last year," open visit tour world tour, the first back to the year China drama for the first time to go abroad in Germany this year, came 30 years ago to visit canada. 30 years later, when Guanhua Liang, Pu Cunxin, Yang Lixin, Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Gang, Yue Xiuqing, Gao Dongping and others led the "teahouse" came to Toronto, getting the message to Chinese audiences early two performances in rush about telling the news around spreading, on the afternoon hanging out of the ticket has been sold out "sign. "Teahouse": several generations of the classic drama "teahouse" in china. This is the Beijing people’s Art Theater lasting works by Lao She in 1956 works, showing the establishment of warlords and the new Chinese 1898 and on the eve of Chinese social change three times for half a century. More than and 70 characters of every hue, in Yutai teahouse on the stage, the interpretation of the social China concentrated numerous living beings. "Teahouse" since its inception in 1956, has been a full 60 years. And this year is the 50 anniversary of the death of Lao she. According to the set itinerary, "teahouse" crew in addition to 4 concerts in Toronto and Vancouver, will also be at the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia respectively held two "Chinese culture forum activities, combined with Lao She," teahouse ", cultural dialogue and exchanges with the two university teachers and students. "The nameless" met after three Ziwei classic reproduction of Wu Gang from "Tang beak" youth speech to the elderly, he put a "swindler" Tang an interpretation of "vivid". Wu Gang once said with emotion: "tea house" performed so many times, in fact, I would like to sit in the presence of watching the teahouse, with the audience to feel the charm of the classic." Yue Xiuqing played Ding Bao was vigorous but being kind, by virtue of her script, known for roles and strength acting for the audience once again surprise. Yue Xiuqing said: drama has had a trough, but the drama has been insisting, so there will be more and more good things presented to you today." Gao Dongping played the song spy Enzi outrageous treachery, vulgar character, his handling principle is "to eat, we serve anyone". In the stage of hone many years of ups and downs played the role of big and small high fuyuhira laughed: "each role has its own" soul ", a good actor, should be lurking behind the role..相关的主题文章: