Mid Autumn Festival, Burma, China and the United States to participate in the activities of transnat-月丘うさぎ

The mid autumn festival activities in Burma Mogok transnational love held Chinese school teachers and students to participate in Beijing – International online news (reporter Jia Yi, Tang Weiqiang): "the same moon is a love" — 2016 days before the Mid Autumn Festival International love activities in Burma Mogok Mogok held more than 600 teachers and students, China middle school – Guangxi people’s Broadcasting Station representative and the surrounding area of 12 Chinese school representatives to participate in this event. In the event, the school leaders Mogok warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests from afar, and introduces the situation of Chinese education in Mogok area. Guangxi people’s Broadcasting Station on behalf of Chinese famous poet Su Dongpo "Tangshan Tangshan, partings" poetry to express the local teachers and students wishes to thousand schools and other 12 Chinese school representatives presented the moon cake, bags, children’s toys, loudspeakers and other gift of love. At the same time, also to the "beautiful Guangxi" and "South Beauty" as the theme of the prize quiz activities. In the performance of Burma, teachers and students to perform the Mogok dance, little apple dance and guitar very Myanmar national style art program. The event organized by the Guangxi people’s Broadcasting Station China, Mogok thousand Buddha school and Beibu Gulf hosted voice.相关的主题文章: