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The "Red Guards" hit Tong Zhang turned red Kuoshao Tong Zhang Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news from Beijing Xinyue culture media Co., the company produced, Tong Zhang, Sun Qian starred in the drama "Red Guard" war is Beijing TV prime time hit. Actor Tong Zhang played Liuyang returning wealthy young master wearing Xiangtao enthusiasm in the play, justice, daring, and ultimately to join the revolution, go on the red road. "Red Guard" tells the story of the fifth anti encirclement after the failure of the transport team led by the Red Army Acquisition member Chen Zixuan, in Xiangtao Kuoshao wear help, repeatedly cheated by breathtaking guards, get rid of the hunt, experienced numerous difficulties and dangers will eventually, supplies and successfully delivered to the Soviet central bank dollar, foreign trade Turk exclusive warehouse the location of the story. Tong Zhang plays a wealthy young master in the play, but with a glib tongue upright, have a higher IQ and strong adaptability. After joining the transport team with optimism and his wit, for the squad to give advice and suggestions, and use their own in Liuyang influence, create a different mode of thinking, how to change the status quo. Tong Zhang with his superb acting, the character in the interpretation of the most incisive, penetrating. In the "Red Guards", Dai Xiangtao is a more humorous and witty returnees, all in the face of love girl, with a whimsical character, take heart rate. For the "Red Guards" in his plays the role of Dai Xiangtao, Tong Zhang said: "I hope that some of the interesting interpretation of the role, can bring laughter and hope in a difficult way to escort. At the same time, close to the history, make the characters more realistic, down to earth." I hope you can continue to pay attention to the "Red Guard" of the Ministry of war dramas, and Dai Xiangtao together into the full transport task that threatened by growing crises. At the same time, another by Tong Zhang starred in the TV series "absolutely life division" is also back synchronous CCTV hit, he played in which Chen Shuxiang is a responsibility of the thirty-four division of the red shoulder, to cover the main force of the Red Army outstanding breakthrough, heroic sacrifice, tragic and heroic.   相关的主题文章: