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People’s Daily: tea economy network about cars why always miss – View – new formats in the development in solid is not desirable, but some of the basic rules of the market and outstanding business must not be discarded by traditional online book "Miss, more than and 50 days after the open car software, still show" your bookings because the driver can not provide service that is to transfer to another driver for you." This feeling through the full scene, but the author of the real encounter. In mid July, the author made an appointment for second days in the "easy" on the morning from home to the Beijing South Railway Station car. Second days to contact the driver, said the first Rain falls in torrents., will be late, then simply said to not let the author be about car; ask, the phone was hung up; again, the phone is unable to connect. Although the system is given a reminder to change, but failed to come true today. At first thought it was an extreme weather event, but some of the subsequent experience shows that this does not seem to be the case. A few times about the car, there is a quick grab a single driver, but also quickly received a phone call from the driver to cancel the order, the reason given is either my car limit line, or that I can not go to the place". Call customer service complaints, it seems never to get in, people are helpless. Has been to focus on the user experience and proud of the new format, but it is such a bad experience, how surprising. These years, including network about cars, a variety of new formats from scratch, quickly recognized the market. Although there are a lot of wandering in the policy gray area, but did not affect its rapid growth. These new formats can be so popular, on the one hand is due to its full play to the Internet to meet the needs of individual characteristics, both timely response, but also more convenient and quick. On the other hand, is the focus of these new formats from the consumer’s psychology, so that consumers feel that money is not much, but also to enjoy high-quality services. Data to witness this hot. On the network about the car, the relevant data show that as of the end of 2015, the total number of domestic mobile terminal travel service users a total of nearly 400 million passengers. Since 2016, the network orders about the car daily turnover has more than 10 million single above, there are more than 400 city opened car service. These new formats "Internet plus", the refresh people’s production and life style at the same time, further release the consumer potential, bring new opportunities for the part of industrial development, become a new force to promote economic restructuring and upgrading. On the other hand, more and more new industry policy environment of open network about cars is evidenced by the introduction of the new deal, policy will further stimulate the vitality of the market and potential demand. It should be said that these new formats ushered in the best development opportunities. However, after a period of barbaric growth, the scale rapidly expand, some network platform itself has appeared in the development of worries. For example, credit management is not in place, some of the network ordering platform traced to its business processing room in the "black workshop" meal service; quality assurance, some online shopping platform for the lack of service consciousness, to consumers and businesses from time to time disputes; to fill loopholes in management, some network)相关的主题文章: