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A woman love man. Men and women two years to his girlfriend and bestie – Beijing had each been married, can not withstand live working lonely, high of a man and woman Xiao Yue (a pseudonym) developed into lovers. After living together for two years, small Yue lingjiexinhuan, which makes a high unacceptable. Once two people quarrel, small Yue bestie small Tong came and tried to mediate, the high of a frenzied knife to prepared the small Tong (a pseudonym) hacked, then killed little wyatt. Recently, the court of First Instance sentenced this intentional homicide, a high court sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life. Emotional problems dispute cited trial plead guilty by the court to identify, a high and small Yue (female, who died 25 years old) before the incident, cohabitation, common rental in Shunyi District. Small Tong (female, who died 24 years old), small Yue friends rented in its next door. September 14, 2015 at 11 am, a high and small Yue in the rental housing dispute because of emotional problems. Small Tong rushed to mediate. In the meantime, high holding a pre prepared knife slash small Tong on the right side of the neck, causing the death of the chopper on the spot; continuous blow littleyue head and face, shoulder and back and limbs, a dozen knives, to Xiao Yue died. Gao fled the scene after the implementation of self injurious behavior, the next day at 5 PM was arrested by the police. After identification, a high degree of injury to the body is seriously injured two. In this case, a high for the small, small Tong Yue killed two people confessed. The defender believes that a high after appearing in court truthfully confessed crimes, the first offense, and the victim cause of cases have certain responsibility, therefore requests the court to a lighter punishment. Two people married to another woman’s cited dissatisfaction according to a high in the public security organs confessed that in 2012 he went to work in a company in Shunyi District, a year after the small and small Tong two people also came to this company. In the course of contacts, and he will be familiar with the small yue. In the small Yue entry after a month later, the two will determine the relationship between male and female friends and live together, the next two people lived in the small tong. "When we got to know each other, we were all married, and we were together after the divorce. But because I had a child, I never left." Gao said that after the two together, at first, the feeling is pretty good, but the turning point occurred in the first two months before the incident. Once, Gao accidentally discovered the secret of the little Yue phone. "She often and a man to talk about some ambiguous words, we began to quarrel". Gao said he later learned that the man surnamed ye, although the small Yue WeChat delete each other again and again, but although the small Yue mouth promised, secretly to secretly contact yemou. Just shortly before the incident, a high also had to face Yemou to talk about it. "At that time, he promised that he would never get in touch with my girlfriend again, but then they contacted me again." Gao Mou says. The kitchen knife to kill innocent animals and online shopping bestie send life by love of a high heart become dizzy with success completely distorted, even move to kill. In late August 2015, a high on the Internet to buy two knives. "I told her about the accident and wanted her to stop talking to the man." High a said, let him out of the Yu相关的主题文章: