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Xinhua: northeast economy? The "genius" when the self – Sohu news Tan Haojun once known as the "northeast old industrial base", how to transition, how to develop the economy in the new normal, wide attention from all sectors of society. When it comes to the northeast economy, especially the northeast economy is currently facing difficulties, some people may be associated with the state-owned enterprises together, think state-owned economy is too concentrated, the large proportion of state-owned enterprises, state-owned concept is too strong influence to the revitalization of the northeast economic development. This argument has some truth from the surface, because the traditional state-owned enterprises compared with modern enterprises, there is a big gap in the institutional mechanisms and the concept of thinking and other aspects of the staff. In particular, some managers also exist iron rice bowl consciousness, so that the northeast of SOE reform is more difficult. However, this does not mean that the "state" into the northeast economy of the "dead", does not mean a change of state-owned properties, can revitalize the Northeast economy. In fact, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other coastal areas after the reform and opening up of the economic revitalization, but also from the gradual transformation and development of state-owned, these areas are not born on the economic diversification. In particular, in the area of Jiangsu, outstanding entrepreneurs active in the market today, a considerable part of the year from the state-owned enterprises, had worked in the state-owned enterprise, the management and operation of state-owned enterprises have experience. It also tells us that, to a certain extent, state-owned enterprises is an important force for economic revitalization. The reason for this misunderstanding, partly because some of the pace of reform of state-owned enterprises reform is too slow, not to be able to keep up with the pace of economic development and the reform of state-owned enterprises of the rhythm; on the other hand, some people do not fully understand the state-owned enterprise in the Northeast hidden rich resources, especially human resources. If the northeast can increase efforts to reform state-owned enterprises, rather than lying on past laurels, northeast economy will still become an important engine of economic development China; if to promote with enterprise management, management, marketing and other aspects of the experience of state-owned enterprises to the institutional mechanism, through reform and bringing them to market so, they will be closely integrated in the state-owned enterprises accumulated experience and market economy in Northeast China will have so strong human resource base, quickly into a new orbit, forming a new impetus to the development of. If the state-owned enterprises "elites who have led to the market, and the" big brother "to struggle together, to become entrepreneurs, leader, will become the main force to attract investment, bring about positive change in the investment environment. To achieve this, local governments need to further intensify efforts to create a favorable policy environment and market environment, and create a good atmosphere for the service.相关的主题文章: