Today is the most recent cold day and north wind 6-8 grade to help out matlab 等高线�

Today is the most recent cold day and 6-8 wind back if you really need a reason to wear long johns, these are enough — yesterday the beginning of winter. A strong cold air strikes, yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory released the second half of this year the first cold blue warning. In the middle of the night before and after the start, the cold air has been extended to small clutches of Hangzhou, this brings the "gift" or laosanyang – cooling, wind and precipitation. By 19:30 last night, Hangzhou meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning by the strong winds, cold air southward, is expected 7 days before and after midnight to 8 days maximum northerly winds can reach 6-8. The relevant units and personnel should be prepared to guard against danger, residents in the danger zone, outdoor workers, the ship should be safe to shelter, cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply, evacuation of outdoor activities. Friendly reminder: Hangzhou today although the temperature is not the lowest, but because of this wind back, human feeling is one of the coldest days, especially in the evening to the night. Just close up today and good wearing long johns a strong cold air is currently affecting China, yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued the second half of 2016 the first cold blue warning. The Central Meteorological Observatory is expected, under its influence, the next two days, temperatures in most areas will be suppressed, the line of zero degree temperature will be extended to the Huang Huai area, south area of today’s temperature is obvious, cooling rate is generally 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, the local will be more than 12 DEG C. The cold air when to Hangzhou? Yesterday at midnight, everyone was still in bed quilt warm sleep, cold air to the Hangzhou Railway Station. Hangzhou municipal meteorological station is expected to Hangzhou cold air after the convergence of cold air, Hangzhou will have moderate rain, rain began to gradually stop this afternoon. The cold air is expected to bring the most northerly wind 6-8 level, the main effect of time after midnight today yesterday. The average temperature of 6-8 degrees Celsius temperature drop. Wearing long johns? I don’t think I can find a better greeting today. The trials of a long journey always feeling, not to wear long johns really. But at the weekend the temperature rise, it is not wearing long johns, then another said. To understand the effect of – cold air, we must look at the Hangzhou meteorological observatory spots small science – what is the cooling process range? In fact, the recent frequency of the word is also relatively high, to understand the word, in order to not be a variety of weather news title party flicker. For example: yesterday, the average temperature around 18 degrees Celsius in Hangzhou City, the average temperature of 9, 10 days is expected at 10-12 degrees Celsius, so the process is expected to cool the temperature range of. It refers to the average temperature of the cold air before and after the impact of the entire process. Most of the time we see a mad drop more than and 10 degrees temperature drop, so the title of the text of the net, in fact, is the highest temperature and the lowest temperature to do a comparison, this comparison is purely flicker. – so this wave of cold air coming over the next few days, the day the Hangzhou cold? The answer is, today! However, compared to the weather forecast on the layout of the picture, the reader will be in doubt, light from the temperature of the figures, the most cold how not round today ah? Hangzhou meteorological observatory explained that due to the impact of cold air, the temperature has been slow to decline, although the temperature forecast today 12-17.相关的主题文章: