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Double overtime in Nanjing at least can get 1953.6 yuan overtime in the blink of an eye, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday ended, and again after two weeks, will usher in the National Day holiday. Nanjing Labor Inspection Detachment duty hotline yesterday reminded that if this year’s Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays you are working overtime, overtime wages shall not be less than 1953.6 yuan. Moon cake and holiday fees can not be reached by the modern express reporter to calculate a bill, if the Mid Autumn Festival holiday 3 days to work, then you can get the equivalent of a normal working day of 7 days of compensation. According to the provisions of the state and Jiangsu, the daily wage = monthly wage income ÷ monthly pay days (21.75 days). Then, in accordance with the minimum monthly wage of 1770 yuan in Nanjing calculation, the minimum daily wage of about $81.4. September 15th Mid Autumn Festival holiday overtime, the overtime pay at least 244.2 yuan (81.4× 300%); in September 16, 17 days work overtime, if the unit does not make you can get at least 162.8 yuan a day (81.4× 200%). This is only in accordance with the minimum wage standard of " minimum " overtime, in the actual situation, overtime wages should be linked to personal real wages. This mid autumn festival, many employees received the company’s festive fee, or moon cake and other holiday gifts. Remind the labor supervision departments, these money belong to welfare, and overtime pay is a special compensation for the workers sacrifices their posts, they cannot mutually offset. Overtime 10 days to earn more than a month wages, many people feel that in September, the month of October is the most lovely, because the Mid Autumn Festival holiday fake national day. However, a few days before the workers are " with " fear of call yourself to work overtime. If you are asked to work overtime by your boss, you must know how to work overtime for seven days. Golden week, October 1st to 3 is a statutory holiday, from October 4th to 7 for the rest of the day. National day seven days were working overtime and no minimum time off, can get 1383.8 yuan. If " double " 10 days work overtime, the employer shall pay the equivalent of 24 ordinary workday overtime, overtime pay at least 1953.6 yuan. Nanjing labor inspection reminder overtime, where you can not get full overtime, you can report complaints to the labor and social security department. Load in…相关的主题文章: