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[material sports]07 recommended: Wuerzburg Bao Ping Sheng home court at 03:45 a.m. Tuesday, to the twelfth round of the contest will continue to expand the exciting competition, which Wuerzburg will challenge the visiting St. Pauli in home court. History has not been recorded in both sides, so this will be a battle. As a newly promoted Wuerzburg this season, played a delightful, after the 11 round 5 wins 2 flat 4 negative 17 points ranked ninth, but the team recent state of decline, the last 3 games 1 flat 2 negative, the last round of the league, the team in the 1-3 defeat in Hannover fell 9, morale. Compared to newly promoted this season, Pauli performance is surprising, 11 Harding Park, the team made only 1 wins, 3 draws and 7 negative bad record, the countdown to the first row in the league. The team’s last win dates back to September 10th. The last round of the league, St. Pauli in home court 1-1 draw with Nuremberg, which ended 5 with negative embarrassment. Germany company Oddset the 1.90 out of 3.20 / 3.10, later do not adjust, and other mainstream European compensate compensate are negative to about 3.6, the difference is big, difficult to play. Instant odds, Shengping Fu Three odds change is relatively stable, and no obvious inclination. A comprehensive analysis of the field, Wuerzburg is expected to win the flat. Color recommended: Ping sheng.相关的主题文章: