The primary school wall takeaway 1 yuan lottery prize is iron toys (video) 海思k3v2

The primary school wall takeaway "1 yuan lottery prize is iron toy knife school, a toy shop outside the south wall of the primary school can attract many students home. Some of the children out of frustration the stamp of the red card on the floor, and a few children are happy to get the "butterfly sword" iron toys. They are attracted to a "1 yuan lottery, the prize is butterfly knife iron and five whip" weapons". [news] video: outside store bank boss encourages students to take custody of stealing report: toy stores sell 1 yuan lottery "recent reports of parents: located in the strong industry in Tiexi district two street Shenyang city workers village near the first primary school, a toy store sold 1 yuan lottery". The parents said that the toy shop is located in the primary school outside the south wall, usually do not open the door, just at noon and in the afternoon when school is closed, the main selling rope, plastic gun things like many small boys love to go, because this toy stores can draw." Parents are worried about the lottery prize. "Iron knife, folding, and chain belt." The parents said, children holding a knife play is not safe, "although no edge, but also tied to the body is not a joke! If you hurt your face or eyes!" "The lottery play and scratch lottery like, each 1 yuan, opened on the spot did not know," said the parents, some children are fascinated by the lunch money draw." Unannounced visits: small red card to the toy store yesterday morning 10 am, reporters came to the nearby village of Liaoshen Evening News workers first primary school, parents reported the toy shop in the campus outside the south wall of the residential building 1 floor, this time did not open the door. At 11:30, a man wearing the words "installation and maintenance" came to the door, opened the door and put some toys on the steps. The bell rang at noon and the pupils came out of the campus. Some children were brought home to eat their parents, some children’s lunch will be in the residential building of the small table to solve. The students from the school to the gathering in crowds and groups of residential buildings, some of the little boy into the toy store flexibly. They did not stay in the toy store for too long, the reporter observed, these boys stay in the toy store 35 minutes after leaving. Some little boys went out and threw away a little red card, with a look of frustration on their faces, and some of the little boys came out of the toy shop to show off their golden knives. A toy store hanging iron knife walked into the toy store, hung on the walls around the large plastic toys, plastic toy gun toys golden knife and styles vary, the most expensive price of 15 yuan a toy knife. Toy shop on the ground to throw a lot of has opened the award ticket, the ticket for the red, the size of the stamps and similar, printed with music paradise produced, 1 yuan set off a global boom, full firepower and other words. "Lottery ticket" also marked "100% prize" and "the scene, leaving the awarding invalid" and other words. This award tickets each 100, opened the region has a different number, you can find the corresponding number of prizes accordingly. Reporters in the observation process in the toy store, found not 100% winning, can get the chance of winning is not small, but the proportion of white play is also great. If after the opening is the Chinese characters,"相关的主题文章: