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Chengdu trial electronic prescription can be diagnosed by the doctor in the background of the Sichuan Daily News Network pharmacies at the door of the pharmacy has a professional doctor face to face medication, both convenient and safe……" On the morning of 5, the public Ms. Zhou due to throat discomfort is located in the high tech Zone (micro-blog) day long Nan Xiang No. 131 deyitang drugstore. At the drugstore clerk under the guidance of Ms. Zhou in the drugstore by placing a touch of "micro – remote medical consultation inquiry terminal" video with the background a face-to-face consultation doctor. After a detailed understanding of the doctor Zhou’s description of the relevant diseases and whether there are other drugs to take the record, according to the condition given medication guide. Among them, the Roxithromycin Soft Capsules also belongs to prescription drugs through the platform to generate electronic prescription, accompanied by a doctor’s signature. Subsequently, the pharmacy staff according to prescription drug sales, only 10 minutes before and after the time. According to the Chengdu Municipal Food and Drug Administration (micro-blog WeChat) drug market supervision department director Huang Zhen, to control the overuse of antibiotics, but also to protect consumers purchase convenient, especially some common diseases and chronic diseases need long-term, fixed drug taking, I carry out the electronic prescription service pilot work, the city’s pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises. The opening of pharmacy consulting services to more than 3000, the opening of electronic prescription pilot has around 1800, the pilot pharmacy can provide free health consultation, electronic prescribing, audit and other services for the people. The provisions of electronic prescription shall not be used for children, pregnant women, the elderly in China "prescription and non prescription drugs classification management measures", prescription drugs must be by practicing physicians or physician assistant prescription to allocate, purchase and use, no prescription, pharmacy no prescription drug sales to consumers. Although the drug specifications are guaranteed, but many consumers reflect consumers inconvenient. To this end, in September this year, the city food and Drug Administration issued a notice on promoting the pilot work of electronic prescription in the pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises, according to "Internet plus medical", promote the establishment of information Huimin mechanism of drug retail enterprises, provide more safe, effective and convenient service to the public administration, has been rolled out in the city. The reporter learned that, in the pilot pharmacies need to provide in accordance with the "drug quality management standards" to carry out management and quality management of the relevant materials, at the same time, according to the legal definition of the Provincial Planning Commission related documents to electronic prescribing, electronic prescription first comes from "legally qualified hospital", followed by "issued a legally qualified doctor" through the Internet, information technology, terminal equipment to the pharmacy, the pharmacy sales of practicing pharmacists play back. In order to facilitate the control of risk, electronic prescription is mainly limited to the use of fixed doses of upper respiratory infection, hypertension, diabetes and other common diseases, chronic diseases, not for children, pregnant women and older than 65 years old. Pharmacies do not sell prescription drugs on the basis of the public can call 12331 to report prescription drugs and non prescription drugs is not only a single prescription, prescription drug adverse reaction rate and severity is much higher than the OTC drugs. The prescription drugs must have a doctor’s prescription, it is because of its safety has not been fully affirmed, its not safe dose and gap, doctor相关的主题文章: