Beijing Tourism Commission will start a thorough investigation activities 小坂めぐる

Beijing Tourism Commission will start a thorough investigation activities international online news: since November 1st, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee will start once the tourism industry’s largest thorough investigation activities in recent years, more than 100 unannounced visits to the field staff, will be divided into dozens of groups, by participating in the tour with the group, to visit the hotel accommodation, attractions and other tourism activities of the tour leader, travel agency, hotel service, scenic area management and other issues related to service quality, all-round, professional record, the final results will be submitted to the Municipal Tourism committee. According to the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee industry management office responsible person, the thorough investigation "everyone on" activities, is one of the important contents of this year the quality of tourism services to enhance the activities of the Municipal Tourism Commission, industry management organization, entrust professional institutions and personnel to implement. For the establishment of a special investigations team, including 30 managers, 93 research staff and invited some unannounced visits, the quality of tourism services, tourism, media supervisor volunteer representatives. A thorough investigation of the object oriented, all the city’s attractions, hotels, travel agencies, through a random sample of 132 scenic spots, 88 star hotels and 57 Econo Hotel, with the tour group to produce. Among them, 57 with the tour, the staff will be unannounced visits to tourists in the true identity, starting from Beijing, organized by the Beijing area travel agency 6 outbound tours, 7 inter provincial tour, and the 44 city tour. For travel agencies, scenic spots, hotels of different tourism, Beijing Tourism Committee evaluation questionnaire investigations set different content and different emphases. Such as travel agencies, focusing on whether the signing of the contract, and tourists travel are allowed to change the itinerary, whether to increase the shopping and expense items, as well as the existence of team travel disguised unreasonable low price for scenic tour "; the questionnaire is the main scenic spot ticket and ordinary tickets can independently choose, whether there are scenic dining the price of fraud, scenic recreation projects are no security risks, toilets and scenic tourist service center for environmental health; the hotel questionnaire is mainly hotel service staff attitude and language civilization, telephone and other hotel laundry project whether there are additional costs, hotel toiletries and tableware hygiene, whether there are sporadic sex small hotel advertising etc.. All personnel participating in unannounced visits to have carried out strict professional training in line. It is understood that the scenic rank and part of four star five star hotels in the large-scale activities will be ongoing and unannounced visits to the current stage of the star review work together, from the beginning of November, will continue until the end of the year. After the unannounced visits, will be based on objective and detailed investigations of material, submit a special report to the Beijing tourism service quality, provide policy guidance and industry management reference for the city’s tourism service quality improvement committee. Outstanding problems of travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, Beijing Tourism Commission will be through the industry credit information regulatory platform for credit publicity, in order to achieve disciplinary purposes. During the event, the 2016 annual tour of Beijing, tour guide star, the star of the team’s work is also synchronized.相关的主题文章: