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Zhang Yixing is said to love lovely pressure when bored writing struggle Utopia Wenwang Shao Meng photography camera Mike Sina entertainment news in today’s music scene, "meat" new album is a common thing, but in the conference on the new album for his new album "self analysis" or even "self check" of the new the album is not too much. Zhang Yixing / micro-blog’s first solo album "lose control" was officially released, as the album producer, for the album, the album has invested a great deal of effort, which lasted more than three years in preparation for the release of the album, "". Although Zhang Yixing is now in the fields of music, arts, acting etc. have developed very well, but he is still clinging to call myself a singer Zhang Yixing, he usually humble and gentle in the field of music playing out, do not have a taste. In Zhang Yixing’s own words, I just want the world to hear my music out of control. Conference on the new album, Zhang Yixing is very nervous, but thought perhaps it was his first album release, do not know whether to let the fans satisfied, this is also confirmed in the interview, Zhang Yixing admitted that in order to do the best, the album was released two months ago, he also changed the song. In the process of making the album itself too "alone" too stubborn, did not listen to the opinions of others too much. He also admitted that he is now in a state of danger, afraid to find their own music positioning direction, afraid of losing their own. However, in an interview with the Zhang Yixing, obviously relaxed a lot, but a detail but let the memories. When the seat frame before the interview, Zhang Yixing and other artists will not care more about their camera angle is appropriate, but also pay more attention to the location of the album is appropriate, the album cover will not be because of reflection in the lens is not obvious. Such details can be seen Zhang Yixing’s attention to this album. It is out of control for their own music fans love the new album name is out of control, for Zhang Yixing, the biggest control concept is related to music, his music is out of control, the fans feel good music. Zhang Yixing and the introduction of the album is also careful to tell the fans, his attention to this new album. Sina entertainment: can you talk about the meaning of the new album "lose control"? Zhang Yixing: lose control is hoping the world out of control because I heard the music, so this design, we can see that in this sphere is actually the earth, I look at the world in this stage, this is the dawn of hope, this is, this is the first step I started, so I can let the world out of control because of the dawn. Sina entertainment: will there be a special design for the album? Zhang Yixing: Yes, in fact, there are some small design well, here is not a specific introduction, we slowly pondering it. Sina entertainment: for you, what is out of control? Zhang Yixing: what situation is out of control, is completely unable to control their own time. Sina entertainment: for example, their songs so that fans like.相关的主题文章: