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Children need parental guidance rather than nagging in family education, there is a common phenomenon: that is, the mother constantly told the children, constantly remind, constantly urging. In fact, this nagging can not play any role in education. Children need guidance from their parents, but they don’t like their parents’ nagging. So, what is the difference between guidance and nagging? A guide is friendly, is concise and comprehensive; often blame nagging, warning the ingredients. Two, guidance is a promotion, is important to encourage children to deal with problems independently; and often nagging of the children show no respect and trust. Three, the consequences of guidance is the child’s emotional stability, a happy mood; and nagging is repeated monotonous stimulation, so that the child tired, disgusted, depressed. Nagging results will form a child behavior inertia, you do not say a few times, the child will not do. This vicious cycle, but also lead to the positive personality of their children are destroyed. A person nagging, first of all, they do not believe in themselves, to speak out of their own words, do, because they do not trust will be repeated again and again. Again, the personality is weak and nervous type of people are particularly easy to nag. So how do parents avoid nagging their children? First, don’t talk. For example, the provisions of the child do homework before dinner, but some parents even speak out, but I fear the child is hungry, had nothing to say: "are you hungry? "Do it quickly, the food is cold. Would you like to eat? "Such contradictory words, reflecting the weakness of their feelings, do not count, no prestige. Overcome nagging, first in the mind to go through a filter before speaking children, can not talk. Second, do not force orders. And the children speak more quietly, the low level of family language is an important factor in the harmonious relationship between mother and child, but also help to avoid the deterioration of the atmosphere. If you let the children do what kind of language can be used in him and tell him gently, especially for young children, this is the command, and the feelings of trust, quietly in a word than you yell at a much larger part. Third, do not tell everything. It can be said that parents talk to their children, although many, but many did not talk about the idea. Unavoidably, repeatedly told the family got under the restless, disobedient children and adults as children in anger, the complicated language environment will not mind to do my homework, it would be counterproductive. Especially in puberty children, they have a reverse psychology. Sometimes it’s more than the parents’ nagging.相关的主题文章: