Zou Shiming said his wife in Shanghai to see emergency charges nearly two thousand non-public hospit naughty怎么读

Zou Shiming said his wife in Shanghai medical emergency charging nearly two thousand non public hospitals in the United States in September 27th, preparing for the China "champion" Zou Shiming issued his wife through his rights, micro-blog revealed that his wife Ran Yingying was home in dog teeth scratching, the early morning of September 26th to a hospital in Shanghai injection of rabies vaccine. However, the hospital staff not only for Ran Yingying illness casual, and what is more, at that time, Ran Yingying did not inject medicine, but still spent 1845 yuan. Once the message is issued, many netizens to denounce someone’s Hospital exorbitant, poor service attitude, at the same time, there are users that small wound without a vaccine, some netizens questioned, "after being bitten by a dog what state need to immediately go to hospital for vaccination? Surging news September 28th from multi confirmed the above mentioned hospital is a public hospital, but social medical institutions, most of the cost of 1845 yuan in the night may be different from the registration fee, public hospital charges. In addition, the Shanghai public hospital, outpatient charges, the price of dog injury details will be specified, and an injection of rabies vaccine price of domestic and imported two, need multiple injections, according to the charges, the most expensive is about 300 yuan one, may not be a treatment of more than 1800 yuan. Shanghai city disease control department revealed that the city has a total of 30 public hospitals injured dog clinics, have a 24 hour service. Experts also said that once the disease mortality of 100% rabies, rabies is now the only way to defeat the use of rabies vaccine, when suspected animal bites scratch, must be timely vaccination. The complaint information is not the hospital public hospital at noon on September 27th Zou Shiming posted on the micro-blog said, 26 am, his wife went to a hospital in Shanghai for treatment, but the emergency reception staff are casual, go to the waiting area, 20 minutes or even a nurse to inform any, or accept his wife for help, and then only the emergency the wife of a patient, "when she tried to get to the emergency reception of complaints, the response is rude behavior and angry eyes, yingying and staff immediately leave, in the absence of any drugs and injections, the cost is 1845 yuan". Zou Shiming also drying out an invoice, visible medical service 1845 yuan". Surging news reporter noted that Zou Shiming on the invoice done, did not specify which hospital, but this invoice payable to "Shanghai ordinary VAT invoice", and wrote "Medical Service medical services" and the amount of the charges, did not specify the corresponding fees. A person in Shanghai, the administrative department of health office told news reporters surging, according to the invoice, he concluded that this is a social medical institutions or foreign hospitals, public hospital invoices above will write clearly which is a medical institution, the specific details of charges will be noted, such as registration fees, medical expenses, diagnosis and treatment fees for specific projects and the corresponding amount of charge." Department of disease control in Shanghai in the evening of September 28th to update the dog injury clinic directory shows that a total of 30 public hospitals in Shanghai with dog injury clinic, are for 24 hours of service, more concentrated in each相关的主题文章: