A true feeling of gengxu Haidilao strict logic by gangster identity stanley博士的家2

A true feeling of gengxu sea fishing by strict logic gangster identity "towel brother Lu Gengxu Lu Gengxu on guitar for" I am the founder of "guest service team to do the task after the wave of Sina entertainment news on October 27th, Lu Gengxu [micro-blog] for the first time in the movie of the founder of the company participate in the reality show, and with" entrepreneurial meat together with business gangster. The beginning of the program is divided into the waves and waves of light after the team team, listen to this name is full of the smell of gunpowder. This time, as a member of the team after the waves, Lu Gengxu need to write a book, full of wit without music, but the director, go to sea fishing as a waiter. Two teams of service, integrated turnover, customer satisfaction, professional voting and other factors to determine the outcome. Yeah, what did you think? Some time ago maxed network "Shuimunianhua singer Haidilao singing" the truth here. The history of the most upright humor piece hand towel first hi brother in reality Lu Gengxu is completely true to me, in the best of spirits, humor, verse frequent, not only to "90" itself, but also boldly challenge the team so that they like the rest of the team, just as the atmosphere. Because the musical, Lu Gengxu was arranged to deliver a hot towel in the service, guests can also rely on guitar to improve customer satisfaction. The beginning of the game, after the wave of team behind, seeing each team a Paula wave after wave team to the customer, after service area is empty, this let Lu Gengxu take some hot towel hand nowhere. However, on guitar to attract customers strategy is very correct, the first wave of customer team successfully intercepted, is the usher "by Shuimunianhua quality conditions you sing" to pull. To pass hot towel when carefully, was singing when Lu Gengxu more relaxed, from the beginning in performance, inviting customers to the chorus, then to the final table of people dancing and singing, "will be a meal into a concert, but also left a beautiful and profound memory for the birthday the customer. Science students rigorous musician graduated from the Tsinghua University Department of architecture, the real student Lu Gengxu, not only a singer romantic, also has a rigorous science students. Service, his eyes all the way to follow the customer, and sometimes the customer has not yet sat down, he has been handed over to the hot towel to the customer, the speed of the people feel his deep and careful. The team lost the first battle, to elect a loser, his logical, sharply pointed out the leader in terms of coordination failure, candid candid personality let each team boss Dong Mingzhu said that "Lu Gengxu is really human bones". The leader was unanimously eliminated, vote for Lu Gengxu not, reflects the recognition of his players. When it comes to "true", Lu Gengxu seems to have been so, perhaps as a musician temperament, perhaps related to environment, he has always been as clear, for a lot of things without taboo, and sometimes even own black. In response to the "Shuimunianhua singer Haidilao singing when rumors he had said a sentence by the netizen talked –" just breathe, not breathe, laugh at yourself but also humorous rumor rumors. )相关的主题文章: