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The next year the university entrance exam will start Chongqing membership candidates not in the field of Jiekao newspaper news (chief reporter Lin Qi) Chongqing 2017 college entrance examination will be held in late November, yesterday, the Chongqing Municipal Education Examination for registration before some of the considerations of the candidates and their parents to remind. All candidates are required to provide second generation identity cards in the college entrance examination, such as ID card is lost, as soon as possible to apply for, because not enough time to go through, can be completed after completing the formalities please domicile police issued a valid proof of identity (including name, ID number, photos and other information), otherwise it can not apply for. In addition, the examinee identity information related to voluntary reporting, college admissions, college enrollment and employment, the need to fill out the true and accurate, once the college entrance examination confirmed that the identity information can not be arbitrarily changed. Municipal Education Examination Yuan official said, once the candidates for date of birth registration time, the identity of the age from ID retroactive date, and the actual age gap is too large, such as: the actual age of the University for 18 years, the ID card is only 10 years old, after entering the university is not complete the need to correct for registration, cumbersome procedures. Therefore, for this kind of identity information does not match with the actual candidates, please change before the college entrance examination. According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of education, Chongqing candidates can not borrow test in the field, we must go back to Chongqing for an examination. In the field of learning Hisai Chongqing domicile candidates, be careful when college enrollment in the Chongqing city time, within the specified time returned to the residence area county (Autonomous County) set up the entrance examination of the point of application for registration. This kind of examinee in ready for the second generation ID card, residence booklet, also need the field during high school records, "comprehensive quality evaluation report", the academic proficiency test results prove that the material and shall pay registration fees. Chongqing ordinary college entrance examination candidates are required to have three years of residence in Chongqing and the school year of three. Hold outside the household but has been studying in Chongqing secondary vocational school graduates, to meet the requirements of three years to apply for vocational counterparts class without residency restrictions. In line with the requirements of migrant workers Suiqian children candidates can apply for in accordance with the provisions of the examination can be admitted to ordinary colleges and universities. For those who do not have the conditions of the Chongqing college entrance examination candidates in the field of household registration, please pay attention to the origin of the college entrance examination registration time, and timely contact back to the origin of the registration matters, so as not to miss the opportunity to apply.相关的主题文章: