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Covering the South China sea! Hong Kong media said China satellite mobile communication intelligent mobile phone – Beijing, covering the South China sea! Hong Kong media said China satellite mobile communication intelligent mobile phone reference news website on November 14th Hong Kong media reported that after China launched the first mobile communication satellite "day star No. 01", a leading aerospace technology enterprises in Zhuhai airshow launched the first day using intelligent mobile phone system. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on November 6th, by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation developed the new smart mobile phone is expected to two or three months after the listing, will enter the international mobile satellite led by British companies in the global market. Satellite experts believe that the new smart phone is the product of the Silk Road, a long-term strategy. China aerospace enterprises, research institutions and scholars hope that through the "space" Silk Road "strategy to promote the construction of The Belt and Road". Aerospace Technology Group Corporation, a fifth Institute of engineers, said: "day one" smart phones can now cover the land and the entire South China sea. We will launch a series of satellites over the next 5 years to expand the scope of the global, because our ultimate goal is to replace or even beyond the international mobile satellite company." The engineer said that the new intelligent machine designed for emergency communication design, to service in the field of geological exploration staff and remote areas of disaster relief personnel, or in the ground communication network from a natural disaster or accident play a role. He said: our products also support the United States GPS system and domestic Beidou navigation system." In satellite communications, the new mobile phone is also compatible with a variety of ground mobile phone networks, including 4G LTE and 3G network, support SMS, WeChat, video and data transmission function, you can freely switch satellite communication and ground communication mode. The retail price of the new intelligent machine will start from 10000 yuan, communication costs from $1 per minute to start, equivalent to the international mobile satellite company’s 1/10. He Qisong, a scholar at Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law, believes that the development of satellite smart phones that China began to implement the global strategy, the establishment of an independent communication network. "Space" Silk Road "is The Belt and Road ‘initiative of a specific application, to provide communications network independent, safe and convenient and cheap to expand overseas market in Beijing to encourage the Chinese company." I believe that the Chinese companies in the Middle East will be the potential users of the day through the smart phone service, because the Beidou system is also aimed at the region’s market." According to reports, the day pass system has been developed in China, the Middle East, Africa and other places. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said that the ground service will be responsible for the operation of mobile phone China Telecom. (compile Liu Ziyan)相关的主题文章: