Wang Jianlin said the biggest foreign media review in the history of real estate bubbles was weighty 许静予

Wang Jianlin said the biggest foreign media bubble history: comment is a component of the Wang Jianlin Chinese: real estate bubble largest purchase credit limit is not the onset of core tip: Wang Jianlin said, China is the largest real estate in Shanghai, the main city real estate prices continue to rise, but there are tens of thousands of domestic small vacant housing prices in the city but in the fall. Reference News Network reported on September 30th   foreign media said, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin 28 CNN financial channel interview, said that China’s current real estate market bubble is the largest bubble in history. Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao website cited Chinese media reports on September 29th that after the dramatic economic growth and spectacular stock market crash last year, the word "bubble" has become particularly sensitive. China’s stock market crash last year destroyed millions of small investors’ savings, assuming investors would not allow the stock market to crash sharply. Last year, the market crash that made retail investors have a headache was still vivid, and now the real estate sector is also a headache. Wang Jianlin said that the biggest problem of China’s real estate is that in Shanghai and other major cities real estate prices continue to rise, but tens of thousands of domestic housing vacancy in small cities, housing prices are falling. Wang Jianlin said, did not see a good solution to this problem, the government would like a variety of measures, such as restriction or loan restrictions, but no effect. Reported that, while the economic growth is slowing and the rapid increase in debt levels, the real estate market bubble is really worrying. Chinese real estate market with a large amount of money, according to capitaleconomics said that at the end of June, directly to the lending industry up to 24 trillion yuan. Wang Jianlin said, the problem is that the Chinese economy has not bottomed out, if the lever removed too soon, the economy will be further damaged. So it has to wait until the economy is on the rebound, and then gradually reduce leverage and debt. However, Wang Jianlin said he was not worried about the possibility of a hard landing for China’s economy. CNN said Wang Jianlin’s comments were weighty. Wang Jianlin has been warned that the real estate market may be in trouble for some time, the report said. Wanda Group has been gradually reducing its real estate business. Instead, Wanda has invested its resources in areas where it sees growth potential, such as entertainment, sports and tourism. At the same time, Wang Jianlin’s film empire is expanding rapidly. Source: Reference News Network into [Sina Finance shares] discussion 王健林称房产泡沫史上最大 外媒:评论是有分量的   王健林:中国房产泡沫史上最大 限购限贷没起效   核心提示:王健林表示,中国房地产最大的问题是,在上海等主要城市房地产价格持续上涨,但国内成千上万存在房屋空置的小城市房价却在下跌。   参考消息网9月30日报道 外媒称,万达集团董事长王健林28日接受美国有线电视新闻网财经频道采访时表示,中国房地产目前的市场泡沫是历史上最大的泡沫。   新加坡《联合早报》网站9月29日援引中国媒体的报道称,在经历了经济大幅增长以及去年壮观的股市暴跌之后,“泡沫”一词已经变得尤为敏感。去年的中国股市暴跌摧毁了数以百万计小投资者的储蓄,这些投资者想当然地以为,政府不会允许股市大暴跌。去年让散户们头疼的市场崩溃还历历在目,现在,房地产领域也同样让人头疼。   王健林表示,中国房地产最大的问题是,在上海等主要城市房地产价格持续上涨,但国内成千上万存在房屋空置的小城市房价却在下跌。   王健林说,没有看到一个很好的解决这个问题的方案,政府想了各种各样的措施,比如限购或者限贷,但都没有效果。   报道称,在经济增速正在放缓而债务水平迅速增加的同时,房地产市场泡沫着实让人担忧。中国房地产市场充斥着大量的资金,据凯投宏观表示,在6月底,直接给该行业的贷款高达24万亿元。   王健林表示,问题是,中国经济尚未触底,如果将杠杆去除太快,经济会进一步受损。所以,不得不等到经济走上反弹的轨道时,再逐渐减少杠杆和债务。   不过,王健林表示,他并不担心中国经济“硬着陆”的可能。   美国有线电视新闻网表示,王健林的评论是有分量的。   报道称,王健林对房地产市场可能有麻烦的警告已经有一段时间了。而万达集团已经在逐步削减其房地产业务。相反,万达将资源投资到它认为有增长潜力的领域,比如娱乐、体育、旅游。同时,王健林的影视帝国正在迅速扩大。   来源:参考消息网 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: