Apple store also on the line, VR glasses box sold about 197 yuan 泰顺育才中学

Apple store also on the line, VR glasses box sold about 197 yuan, recently, apple official website shelves a VR glasses box, known as View-Master, priced at 29.95 U.S. dollars (about 197 yuan). It is understood that this VR glasses box consists of two lenses and peripheral plastic boxes. The use of similar mobile phones and most similar VR box, you need to put iPhone built-in experience. At present, View-Master supports iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus. In software, View-Master’s exclusive APP, and the price of $29.95 includes functional demo apps, but you need to pay extra when you want to see the full version. It is worth mentioning that, View-Master last year, Google and the world’s largest toy company MATTEL launched a VR glasses box. In fact, as early as 1939 in New York, World Expo, the first generation of View-Master appeared. At that time, people needed to dial the turntable to look at the 3D images in the turntable, but generally they were scenic maps. Later, 76 years later, in 2015, MATTEL fused this product with VR technology and launched a brand new View-Master (pictured above). From this, we can see that the new version of View-Master is somewhat different from the apple version, but the basic function and the use of the way are the same. (Bai Rong)

苹果商店也上线了VR眼镜盒 大约卖197元人民币   近日,苹果官方网站上架了一款VR眼镜盒子,名为View-Master,售价29.95美元(约合197元人民币)。   据了解,这款VR眼镜盒子由两片透镜和外围塑料盒组成。使用方式和大多数手机类VR盒子相似,需要把iPhone内置其中才能体验。目前,View-Master支持iPhone 5、iPhone 5c、iPhone 5s、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus。   在软件方面,View-Master专属的APP,而且29.95美元的售价包含功能演示应用,但你想要观看完整版本,则需要另外付费。   值得一提的是,View-Master是去年谷歌与全球最大的玩具公司美泰合作推出的一款VR眼镜盒子。事实上,早在1939年的纽约世博会,第一代View-Master就出现了。那时候,人们需要拨动转盘观看转盘中的3D图像,但一般都是风景图。后来,经过76年后即2015年,美泰把这款产品与VR技术融合,推出全新的View-Master(如上图)。由此,我们可以看到全新版的View-Master与苹果版的有些不同,但基本功能和使用方式都是一样的。(柏蓉)相关的主题文章: