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Insurance became the most unpopular industry, 17 people compete for a post – Sohu financial news (reporter Zhang Shanshan) "originally thought that winter is job off-season, looking for work will be easier, did not expect a job, dozens of people compete." Last year, Lin Lin, who graduated from University, sighed with emotion. In this regard, Zhaopin released the unpopular industry and professional situation, and the supply and demand staff reference. "Real estate, energy, environmental protection, water conservancy, electricity, heavy industry, aerospace and other industries job competition is the most intense, each industry competition index is 50 – 60, that is, 50 to 60 people compete for a post."." According to Zhaopin, the competition for every profession in the industry is more intense. For example, audit, tax, decoration, municipal engineering and other professional competition is very fierce, often more than 100 people compete for a post." Instead of getting together, the job seekers may look for jobs in unpopular industries according to their expertise. In view of the demand of job seekers, Zhaopin released ten major unpopular industries and careers, and attached competition index (how many people compete for a job), so that job seekers looking for work more targeted. "Unpopular" industry generally more than 20 people compete for a job, the unpopular occupation is a few to more than 10 people compete for a post, the difficulty of competition is reduced." Zhaopin chief said. From the point of view of industry, the insurance industry has the lowest competition index. From the professional point of view, the three most unpopular occupations are health care, beauty and fitness, community home service and insurance. Job seekers may consider finding jobs in related fields. Popular and unpopular industry occupation competition index and competition index of 1. insurance: 17.1: 12.: 23.7: 13. pawn auction health service: 24.2: 14.: 25.3: 15. toys gift collection office supplies: 25.8: 16.: 26.8: 17. entertainment leisure sports intermediary services: 27: 18.: 27.3: 19. education and training institutions of securities fund 110.: 27.9: 29.1: 11.: Bank health and beauty fitness: 7.6: 12.: 12.4: 13. community home service insurance: 12.4: 14.: 13.2: 15. health care trust guarantee auction: 14.3: 16.: 14.7: 17. Sales Consultant: 15.5: 18.: 15.9: 19. Cooking: 16.7: education and training 110.: 17.2: 1

保险成最冷门行业17人竞争一个岗位-搜狐理财   本报讯 (记者 张珊珊)“本来以为冬季是求职淡季,找工作会容易些,没想到一个岗位好几十人竞争。”去年大学毕业的林小姐感慨道,对此,智联招聘发布了冷门行业和职业情况,供求职者参考。  “房地产、能源、环保、水利、电力、重工业、航空航天等行业求职竞争最激烈,每个行业的竞争指数都在50―60,也就是说50到60人竞争一个岗位。”智联招聘负责人表示,细化到行业中的每个职业的竞争更激烈。“比如审计税务、装修、市政工程等职业竞争非常激烈,经常是百余人竞争一个岗位。”  与其扎堆儿竞争激烈的行业,求职者不妨根据自身所学专业等特长,在冷门行业中寻找工作机会。考虑到求职者需求,智联招聘发布十大冷门行业和职业,并附上竞争指数(多少人竞争一个岗位),让求职者寻找工作时更有针对性。“冷门行业一般20多人竞争一个岗位,冷门职业则几人至10多人竞争一个岗位,竞争难度降低。”智联招聘负责人说。  从行业角度分析,保险行业的竞争指数最低。 从职业角度分析,最冷门的三大职业为保健 美容 健身、社区 家政服务和保险,求职者可考虑在相关领域寻找工作机会。  冷门职业及竞争指数  冷门行业及竞争指数  1. 保险:17.1∶1  2. 拍卖 典当:23.7∶1  3. 保健 卫生服务:24.2∶1  4. 礼品 玩具 藏品:25.3∶1  5. 办公用品:25.8∶1  6. 娱乐 体育 休闲:26.8∶1  7. 中介服务:27∶1  8. 教育 培训 院校:27.3∶1  9. 基金 证券:27.9∶1  10. 银行:29.1∶1  1. 保健 美容 健身:7.6∶1  2. 社区 家政服务:12.4∶1  3. 保险:12.4∶1  4. 医疗 护理:13.2∶1  5. 信托 担保 拍卖:14.3∶1  6. 销售业务:14.7∶1  7. 咨询 顾问:15.5∶1  8. 烹饪 料理:15.9∶1  9. 教育 培训:16.7∶1  10. 市场:17.2∶1相关的主题文章: