121.70 布设陷阱

IronFX iron exchange: New Zealand Central Bank hinted will not focus on the low core inflation macro through New Zealand Central Bank hinted will not focus on the low core inflation in New Zealand’s central bank governor Wheeler to suppress in the market is expected to cut interest rates further, not suitable for the central bank to cut interest rates to offset the impact by low oil prices. But if they worry about the global economy, they will relax further. Most importantly, New Zealand’s 4 quarter unemployment rate has increased support for the New Zealand dollar. The Bank of Japan Heitian follow Delagi the governor of the Bank of Japan said that there is no limit to the monetary easing measures, and indicated that it was prepared to cut interest rates again. He refutes the bank had no criticism, if the current measures is not enough, they will develop new tools to achieve the inflation target. Today: France, Germany and the euro zone: service industry PMI index value, usually is not the major market driver. UK: service purchasing managers PMI index slipped slightly month, bad pound sterling. Eurozone: retail sales month rate rise in December, which may support the euro. Norway: the unemployment rate of AKU in November has little effect on NOK. The United States: January ADP employment report estimated about 200K, Markit service PMI final value and ISM non manufacturing PMI. Dollar yen fell below 120, USDJPY fell yesterday, back to psychological price of 120 (R1) below. The exchange rate took most of the gains before the BoJ decided to cut interest rates below zero. Bears are poised to test again for 119 (S1). If the strength is enough to break the pass, the next target will be the 118.45 (S2) support. Short term shock indicators show downward kinetic energy, which also confirms the above view. RSI drop 50 lines, may be through the up support line at present. While MACD is positive, it has been under the signal line and developed to zero axis. In the general trend, due to the fact that there is no clear evidence of trends in the daily charts, I remain on the sidelines for the medium term outlook. Support: 119 (S1), 118.45 (S2), 118 (S3) resistance: 120 (R1), 120.85 (R2), 121.70 (R3) on IronFX iron group, IronFX iron group is the global leader in online transactions, award-winning. We provide 16 platforms for investors, over 1000 trading tools in foreign exchange, precious metals, stock and futures markets, and customers across 5 continents, 180 countries. The company offers support in more than 45 different languages. Relying on the global customer service team, IronFX iron sinks group customers can enjoy 24 hours of uninterrupted customer service. IronFX Iron & Steel Group, with customers as the core, has personalized trading customization function, the most diversified products, at the same time, it has the best market quotation and fast theory

IronFX铁汇:新西兰央行暗示将不会将关注点放在低核心通胀   宏观纵览   新西兰央行暗示将不会将关注点放在低核心通胀   新西兰央行行长Wheeler打压了市场对于进一步降息的预期,不适宜由央行降息来抵消低油价的影响。   但是如果对全球经济担忧加深,他们会进一步放松。   最重要的是,新西兰的4季度失业率下滑增加了对纽元的支持。   日本央行黑田效仿德拉吉   日本央行行长表示,没有限制的货币宽松措施,并暗示准备再次降息。   他对银行已经黔驴技穷的批评进行了反驳,如果目前的措施不够,他们会发展新的工具来达到通胀目标.   今天:   法国,德国以及欧元区:服务业PMI指数终值,通常不是主要的市场推动者。   英国:服务业采购经理人PMI指数一月小幅下滑,利空英镑。   欧元区:12月零售销售月率上升,这可能支持欧元。   挪威: AKU 的11月失业率,对NOK的影响几乎没有。   美国: 1月ADP就业报告预估200K左右,Markit服务业PMI终值和ISM非制造业PMI。   美元 日元跌回120.00以下   美元 日元 昨日走低,跌回心理价位120.00 (R1) 之下。汇价在日本央行决定降息至零以下后回吐大部分此前涨幅。空头正蓄势再次测试119.00 (S1),如果力量足以突破关口,则下一目标会是118.45 (S2)支撑位。短期震荡指标显示下行动能,也印证了以上观点。RSI跌落50线,目前可能会下穿上行支撑线。而MACD虽为正值,已经行至信号线之下并向零轴发展。大趋势来看,由于日线图中并无趋势性的明确证据,我对于中期前景仍然维持观望的态度。   支撑: 119.00 (S1), 118.45 (S2), 118.00 (S3)   阻力: 120.00 (R1), 120.85 (R2), 121.70 (R3)   关于IronFX铁汇集团   IronFX铁汇集团是全球在线交易的领先企业,屡获殊荣。我们为投资者提供16个平台,遍及外汇、贵金属、股票和期货市场的1000多种交易工具,客户遍布5大洲180个国家。公司提供超过45种不同语言的支持。依托遍布全球的客户服务团队,IronFX铁汇集团的客户可以享受24小时的不间断客户服务。IronFX铁汇集团以客户为核心,交易平台拥有个性化的交易定制功能,最多样化的产品,同时具有市场最佳报价、快速交易执行和深度的流动性支持等优势。每日市场分析评论和深度研究为每位客户提供最及时的财经资讯及数据,为客户作出独到的交易决策提供有力支撑。而IronFX铁汇集团与全世界最成功的专业足球俱乐部巴塞罗那足球俱乐部(FCB)达成正式的《官方合作伙伴协议》,进一步彰显了IronFX铁汇集团“引领全球在线交易”的领袖地位。   IronFX铁汇集团遵守国际监管标准,受英国FCA、澳大利亚ASIC、乌克兰UCRFIN、南非FSB及欧盟CySEC等多个国际机构授权和监管,同时接受欧盟监管并遵守MiFID。更多详情请访问。   铁汇集团官方微博(  IronFX铁汇   2016-2-3 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: