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Gold bull carnival is far from over, investors waiting to enter the market opportunity to continue to see more FX168 news last week, the gold market experienced an unusually strong week, gold prices rose sharply above the $1180 ounce, once touched 1260 dollars, more than a year above the ounce point. In such a strong performance, the gold market sentiment has been greatly improved, a bullish. Last Thursday, gold gained its largest one-day gain in recent years, and some investors chose to take profits on Friday, and gold prices fell back. Retail sales in the United States rose for third consecutive months in January, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Department of Commerce, because of the new year’s massive purchases of cars, clothing and online goods. Retail sales rose by 0.2% in January, an increase of December, with an expected rise of 0.1%. At the same time, excluding gasoline, retail sales increased by 0.4%. Lower gasoline prices reduced retail sales at gas stations. U.S. Labor Department Friday (February 12th) released data show that in January the import price month rate fell by 1.1%, compared with the foreign media survey generally expected to decline by 1.4%, not far from, and with December decline flat. Although the dollar has been pushed back by retail data, it has not affected the strong performance of the gold market. According to the latest survey by Bloomberg, the global stock market crash risk aversion and stimulate the linear warming, Fed chairman Yellen’s dovish remarks that the United States during the year is expected to raise interest rates down, gold traders and analysts bullish gold price next week for sixth consecutive weeks, since at least since April last year, the longest bullish cycle. Among the 21 gold traders and analysts surveyed, 16 were bullish (76%), 4 were bearish (19%), and 1 were flat (5%). Kitco’s latest survey also shows optimism about the gold market. Last week, a total of 1953 public investors participated in the survey, of which 1678, or 86%, said they were bullish on the price of gold this week, which was the highest level in the Kitco survey for second consecutive weeks, and also for the fourth consecutive week. Among the mass investors, 177 were bearish, 9%, and 98 were about 5%. In the survey of professionals, 17 people involved in the survey, 9 people, that is, 53% see more gold prices this week, 41% bearish. Analysts believe that, although the gold market may be revised earlier this week, a large number of investors will seize the opportunity to come into the market once they fall. Incrementum AG fund manager Ronald-Peter Stoeferle said: "no one foresaw that gold would have such a rise, many funds have missed.". They want to come in now, so they’ll buy on dips." Stoeferle said: "the gold is overvalued, but the bull market began to appear such circumstance is normal. The market turns, and the performance of gold confirms the beginning of a new bull market." On Thursday SPDR gold ETF holdings was increased 13.97 tons, Friday out of the 5.06 tons, the total holdings in the total inflow of super on last week

黄金多头狂欢远未结束 投资者等待进场机会市场继续看多   FX168讯 上周黄金市场经历了异常强劲的一周,金价自1180美元 盎司上方大幅走高,一度触及1260美元 盎司上方的一年多搞点。在这样强劲的表现下,黄金市场情绪已经大为改观,一片看多。   上周四金价收获了近几年以来最大达单日涨幅,周五一些投资者选择获利了结,金价有所回落。   据美国商务部周五公布的数据显示,美国零售销售1月连续第三个月上升,因新的一年美国民众大肆购买汽车、服装和在线商品。1月份零售销售上升0.2%,升幅与12月一致,预估为上升0.1%。同时,不包括汽油,零售销售上升0.4%。汽油价格下跌令加油站零售额降低。   美国劳工部周五(2月12日)公布的数据显示,1月份进口物价月率下降1.1%,与外媒调查得出的普遍预期下降1.4%相差不远,并且与12月降幅持平。   美元虽然受到零售数据的推动有所回升,但并未影响黄金市场的强劲表现。   据彭博社最新调查显示,因全球股市大跌刺激避险情绪直线升温,且美联储主席耶伦的鸽派言论令美国年内加息的预期降温,黄金交易员、分析师连续第6周看多下周金价走势,为自至少去年4月以来最长看涨周期。在接受调查的21位黄金交易员及分析师中,16人看涨(76%),4人看空(19%),1人看平(5%)。   Kitco最新的调查中,也显现出市场对黄金市场的乐观态度。   上周共计有1953名大众投资者参与调查,其中1678名,也就是86%认为看多本周金价,这是Kitco调查连续第二周达到这样的高水平,并且也是连续第四周看涨。大众投资者中看空的为177人,占9%,98人约5%持中间态度。   在对专业人士的调查中,参与调查的17人中有9人也就是53%看多本周金价,41%看空。   分析师们认为,尽管本周初黄金市场可能会出现修正,但一旦回落,大量投资者会抓住机会进场。   Incrementum AG基金经理Ronald-Peter Stoeferle表示:“没人预见到黄金会有这样的上涨,很多基金都错过了。他们现在非常想进场,因此会逢低买入。”   Stoeferle称:“黄金被超买了,但牛市开端出现这样的情况是很正常的。市场出现了转向,金价的表现确认了新牛市的开始。”   上周四SPDR黄金ETF的持有量一度大增13.97吨,周五则流出了5.06吨,总持有量在上周总计流入了超过12吨,增至710.95吨,是去年6月2日以来最高水平。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: