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Email-Marketing Article marketing is undoubtedly the most sought after internet marketing tool today. The reason behind this is simple; this internet tool is cost-effective and it really works! Aside from the fact that it can help you prove your worth to your potential clients, it can also drive enormous interested people to your website that can lead to increased sales potential. Here’s how you can make money with article marketing: 1. Know and avoid the most popular grammatical errors at all time. What does this tip got to do with making money through article marketing? Nice question! Well, let me just tell you that even if your articles are informative, your readers will most likely to get annoyed if your content is full of grammar errors. For more details go to: in the end, these people will surely close your articles even before they reach your resource box and that would mean losing their business. 2. Write articles about your website topic. I’ve seen a lot of ebusiness owners who are writing about topics that are totally irrelevant to their website or to the products that they are selling. Don’t you ever to that if you want to drive only quality traffic to your website. If you are selling laptops, talk about the best available laptops in the market, do product review, etc. and don’t write anything about irrelevant topics like wedding gowns as these cannot help you attract those people who are most likely to buy from you. 3. Create a sticky resource box. When writing your resource box, make sure that you do not only use one hyperlink but two. Why two? Well, as you know having more hyperlinks in your resource box can increase your chances of getting your readers to click your links. For can visit to: for best result, I suggest that you use one anchor text and one absolute URL. 4. Honesty is the best policy. I’ve read a very informative article before that has compelled me to click on its resource box. The resource box said "for more information about this topic please click here". When I finally click that hyperlink, I was taken to a product page — no additional information about the topic I was interested about, just the pictures of the product and how to buy it. As you would imagine, I got terribly annoyed. If you don’t want your readers to feel this way, make sure that you tell them what they can expect once they click on your resource box and be honest about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: